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Sunday 20 October 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for Oct. 13 - 18

Twinkletoes award: Roy is not one of life's dancers. Nick is on his feet and walking!

The truth is out there. The baby is David's!

Green eyed monster: Kylie does not trust David where Tina's concerned.

A Telling Tale: The letter with the truth is hidden in the DVD case for the King's Speech.

Dog Pile on Steve award: Liz and Michelle are ganging up on Steve and rightly so in this case.

Cliche Entrance award: The stiletto on the cobbles. She's baaaaack!

Do This in Memory of Me: I don't think Roy will ever go to Blackpool again. It'll be too difficult.

Who are you award: Kylie's discovered David's dark side in the worst way. And Nick defended him because he doesn't want to lose Leanne.

Fashion Flare award: I quite liked Mary's green hat!

Adam and Eve award: Mary's apple! Loved that little conversation in the church.

Serendipity Award: Roy and Hayley's day in Blackpool was magic

Glossing over award: David seemed to let Maria think the split was only to do with Kylie's fling with his brother. Forgot to mention all the vengeance!

Rock and a hard place award: Poor Audrey, she does love her grandson and she does feel sorry for him but even she knows David went too far and she took the last piece of his life away when she sacked him.

Contrived plot device: Do you really think Dennis would be stupid enough to pawn the ring with Tracy Barlow under Rita's nose?

Prophetic award: Hayley leaving her anorak behind seemed prophetic.

Lines of the week:
Kylie to David "Two kids. No sleep. One paintbrush and a slag"
Nick "If it's mine I come clean, if it's not, I don't"
Audrey to David "I'm just wondering when you got to be so romantic"
(You *are* new here)
Tracy asks for her regular, Tina "can't remember". Tracy "That's probably because you can't remember what shade of orange to paint yourself in the morning!" (Hah! the fake tan rears its ugly head!)
Deidre "Must be nice having a sign over your door. Should I get one?" Tracy "Saying what? Abandon hope all who enter here!"
Steve "How am I supposed to do two jobs?" (you did it before, why can't you do it now?)
Liz "My roots are here" (You take them wherever you go, my dear)
Hayley "Roy's a mad, impetuous fool and I love him!"
Roy "I have scheduled in room for spontenaity. There is a window in between 4:45 and 5:30"
Hayley "Is Simon Cowell's waistband really that high? A few more inches and he'll be talking out of his fly!"
Vicar: "Do you reject the devil? Do you repent?" (Kylie couldn't stand David's hypocricy and blew the whistle)
Kylie "Do you really want me to spell it out in front of everyone?" Norris "Well I think you should!"
Mary "Do you think all of this will impact on the buffet arrangements?"
Roy "I will say, performing the foxtrot with Norris was one of the stranger experiences of my life"
Roy "I very much doubt that President Kennedy had cause to consult her. And if he did, it's hardly an advertisement for her psychic abilities!"
Kylie "I'd still be living with a psycho, but as long as you're all right"
Steve "50 Shades of pie! That's my fantasy night in."
Roy "I'm talking" Hayley "But you're not listening"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Don’t bother to come back award: Shouty shrew Michelle and her sleazy old goat of a father are going back to Ireland. Do us all a favour and stay there, your lazy old man is not comical he is annoying and just not likeable, like father like daughter.

Who owns what award: I thought David owned the salon, so why was Audrey throwing him out. I thought David owned the house, so why was Gail throwing him out? Just get rid of Gail, I can’t stand watching this oddball woman fawning around her elderly son who looks older than his Gran! Why does she always walk around in a suit – she is a cleaner?

Forgotten plotline award: Just what happened to the business of Audrey’s house falling down and Owen charging the earth for the work? Is it completed now, where is Audrey living, did she move out of Marcus and Marias. Did I miss something?

Bad smells award: Why oh why are Stella and Gloria still hanging around in a Street with so many ‘bad memories’. What are they living on? Shoe horned pointlessly into scenes now. Do the decent thing and disappear.

Stupid storyline of the week award: Dennis hocking Rita’s engagement ring. If he did such a thing he would go out of town where nobody knew him, not to biggest mouth in the Street Tracy. It just seems they don’t know what to do with Dennis apart from make him Rita’s ‘boy’. Shame as he is a fine actor.

abbyk said...

Miss Inappropriate Award: Mary, for eating an apple in church. This is something adults don't do. Cartoon Mary couldn't possibly be discrete, slipping herself a piece of candy or a grape. No, she had to pick the largest, loudest thing that would fit in her purse, and chomp down like a hog at a feed trough. Boo! (Why she was even at the service is a mystery.)

Redemption Award: Norris has been a horrid annoyance for years. How that changed with one dance lesson. More, please.

Anonymous said...

Mother Hen..Fiz - taking Haley in and letting her have a good cry - finally. Poor thing.
Agree with the Dennis comment - he's fading into obscurity being chained to that control freak Rita - he can't ask her for financial help because she'd rip a strip off of him even though she's made no bones about how much dosh she'd throw at Tina in a heartbeat - anywhere she wanted to go. I hope Dennis comes to his senses and moves out on his own for awhile.

Anonymous said...

The Dennis storyline is ridiculous. And there doesn't appear to be much continuity in who owns what in the street.

Tvor said...

I agree about Dennis. How stupid is he for pawning the ring to Tracy Barlow of all people let along on his own front doorstep.

Gail may not be legally able to throw David out of the house but Kylie, as co-owner certainly could. Audrey took the salon back after signing it over to David for awhile after the Lewis thing.

Mad Hatter said...

Dennis is a real wasted character in my opinion. When he returned a couple of years back I thought we would get a lot of nostalgia linking to the past, but apart from a few nods to Elsie Tanner and his "relationship" with Rita nearly 50 years ago, he just hangs around the Kabin, follows Rita around or does something stupid.

Even he and Ken didn't have much screentime together or scenes of catching up with each other. Maybe with Hayley going Dennis can work in the cafe (get rid of Jenna) and have him and Roy become mates. He needs a male friend and some independence.

Anonymous said...

A person cannot legally be 'thrown' out of property that they own. Gail threatened to call the cops if he didn't leave, so he went. As for the salon, he signed that back to Audrey awhile back so she can sack him. If he was a real bad-ass he'd send Gail packing - she is a lodger there anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what SB is up to these days - some episodes are spot (Hayley & Roy loving each other) then some just go to ruin. I feel sorry for what Deidre had to endure the other night with Rita, Julie and Eileen. The writers made her look like a right fool. She deserves much more after all these years. They finally gave her some backbone after Ken left for Canada and then in one night's episode they just pulled the rug out from under her. I was embarrassed for her.

Then in the upcoming episodes they are making Dennis look like a right fool - as if he would pawn Rita's engagement ring (originally his mother's which he hung on to for all those years while he was homeless) to that wicked witch Tracy Barlow - no way - totally out of character. I may just stop watching until some sense is put back into the series. In some ways I rather miss Phil Collinson at this point. He may have forced some characters down our throats, aka Stella, put at least he treated the other cast members with dignity.

maggie muggins said...

Lines of the Week were some of the best in a while, eh? Thanks for the reminder, Tvor! It was a memorable week of Corrie!

Anonymous said...

Golden Gasp Award: Sally Webster at the revelation in church. Nobody does the jaw-dropping and eye-widening better than Sally Dynevor!

ChiaGwen said...

Agree AbbyK - Norris with Roy and the dance lesson was a partial redemption for his character from being written as a vile, toady little man. Nice to see Norris interacting civilly with another Weatherfield resident, rather than trading barbs with money bags Rita.


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