Friday, 11 October 2013

Spot the Corrie prop - October 11th 2013

I thought that last week's books had you well and truly stumped but a late entry from duly noted correctly spotted that the books in question can be found in Nick and Leanne's flat.

I was a little surprised to come across this prop as I can't really think of anybody on Coronation Street that might make use of what appears to be balsamic vinegar, let alone have it out on display and ready for use. Who do you think this belongs to?

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Scott said...

It's Gail's - or David and Kylie's now. Those are the small tiles that got fitted when Joe McIntyre put the new kitchen in.

Flo said...

I agree, the Platt kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Gail probably nicked it from the Bistro.

Anonymous said...

what better to go with all those OLIVES!

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