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Monday 21 October 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 21 October

Tyrone summed it all up in the most straightforward way. 'What they're going through is massive,' and so it is. Hayley just needed some space from Roy and having stayed the night with Tyrone and Fiz, has had some thinking time apart from him. Hayley's dropping of  her glass of water and falling down on the kitchen floor, had us all panicking.

Huge contrast between the kind, compassionate Fiz and Tyrone and the horrific Tracy. She doesn't know the meaning of the word kind. In the cafe she shows no understanding of the difficulty Roy is experiencing and merely demands that she is served immediately. Anna though is wonderful and tells Roy that she's going to make him a cup of tea and that he is going upstairs to relax. At that point, Beth enters the cafe and says that it's 'alright for some lucky beggars.' I'm sure I heard the roar of the nation's approval as Roy replied to Beth with real genius. 'Is there ever an occasion where you consider thinking before you speak.'

Fiz asks Sally if she'll have a word with Roy and Sally agrees and does a truly excellent job. For all her snobbery and her social climbing there is a good heart in Sally, as was so clearly demonstrated tonight.

Did people notice Liz's attire this evening? Or rather the lack of it. I'm strongly of the opinion that women should be allowed to wear what they want to wear, but sometimes, despite that belief, I think some women could do with a bit of advice. But who is going to advise Liz? Deirdre? Eileen? Or maybe I have got this wrong. It would be interesting to know other people's opinions. She is a pub owner, and there is a tradition about the way in which barmaids dress, but in the daytime?

The exchange between Beth and Liz was interesting. Beth comments that she bets Liz has no crimpline in her wardrobe or elasticated waists, or flat heeled shoes.Liz is confused and asks Beth if she is 'having a go.' To Liz's amazement, Beth tells her that she's not having a go at all, but feels that they are like 'peas in a pod' and suggests that they both know how to work 'that thaaang!' Beth continues by saying, 'I hope that I'm still fabulous when I'm your age.' Liz admits that she likes her men to be exciting but simultaneously, Sally says brutal and Sean says pychos, but Liz didn't react, so may not have heard.

Not really convinced by the whole Tina helping Dennis out, but I am convinced that Tracy is worse than ever. Clearly she is jealous of Tina, a younger and more attractive woman than she is. But what has Dennis done? Or is it just that he is with Tina that makes her behave the way she does? When Tracy says they may have sold Rita's ring, for which Tina is lending Dennis the money, Tracy asks if Tina is using her baby ransom money for the repurchase of Rita's ring. Even Rob is sick of her and tells her so. He sorts out the money and tells Dennis that the price is right and that it is all there in the terms and conditions. Tracy cannot resist asking if Dennis can read. Tracy gets it from Rob though. 'You're too gobby,' he tells her, 'Ration it or summat!' He then tells her that she, 'wiped the floor with Tina.' At this, Tracy smiles proudly but Rob quickly points out that he isn't complimenting her. Tracy seems to think that her physical attractiveness will pull in the punters but Rob tells her that the majority of customers are women and that they are not going to 'fall for your schtick.' Good one Rob, you tell her, but then we see him unable to resist her. Tracy though, makes Rob look like a decent bloke! Later, in the pub, Tracy makes it clear to Rita that Dennis had pawned her ring. The disingenuous, 'It's really important not to have secrets in a marriage,' cements Tracy's atrocious behaviour. Poor Deirdre, she deserves so much better.

And so to Roy and Hayley. Earlier Roy had said how rows were the very fabric of his life with his mother, but that they just seemed wrong with Hayley. This shows us what a profoundly distressing effect their row has had on Roy. As Hayley lies in the hospital bed, Roy is deluged by guilt. He says how Hayley helps him navigate the ways of the world. It is a relief for Roy that she will be going back home and it is a relief to us too. As Fiz and Tyrone leave the hospital to pick up their children, there will be someone else who will be relieved and that will be Emily who must be exhausted by two toddlers.

The Hayley story is heart breaking and it's going to get even harder to watch. But we'll be with her to the end because we simply cannot desert her.            

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Anonymous said...

Why do characters on this show insist on dumping their children on an elderly widow who clearly has a hard time taking care of them.

rita duck said...

i cant stand michell,

Frosty the Snowman said...

Thank the Lord SHOUTER Michelle is out of it for a bit. What a harridan. Liz's 60 year old boobs literally hanging out yesterday was nothing short of indecent. She seems to be acting very over the top as well since she returned in my eyes like Beverly Callard is just trying too hard.

John McE said...

Did I doze off in the previous episode and miss something? St. Ella and her mother running the bistro without prior explanation, seemed odd. Surely, Gail would have leapt at the chance to play manager.

Having been booted out of the pub it seemed more a case of giving the actresses something to do until they actually leave.

Ping Pong Poo said...

I especially found the Bistro scene with St Ella suddenly considering herself in charge with silly little Gail who at one time lorded it over Stella when she took the job as cleaner - rather wuerd Ihave to say.

Anonymous said...

You guys must have missed the scene where Leanne asked her mother to take care of the Bistro until she figured out what she's going to do.

Rosie L said...

Liz's over the top (literally) low cut top was nothing short of ridiculous. She's in a back street pub, frequented by local regulars,not a trendy bar, for goodness sake give the woman some class. And as much as I admire the brilliant job they're doing on the Hayley story line, does it have to come into every episode? Give us a bit of a break.

Anonymous said...

Rosie I am glad you said it. I know I am in the minority here, but The Roy/ Hayley cancer story is a bit much for me. I admire the wonderful job the actors are doing and I have always loved Roy, but I find myself getting a bit tired of it and am now wondering how long is this going to drag out. I get that stories like this do mirror life, but it is still an entertainment TV show. It just feels a bit much.
And then I think, what about after, when Hayley is gone. What will they do with Roy?

Billy Niblick said...

Wassat? Liz's humungous cleavage you say?

Nah - I never noticed. :-/

Rosie L said...

Anonymous 20.10. I'm glad I'm not alone. This story is too close to home for me to enjoy( if that's the right word) I may have to start missing episodes. And as for Roy, well it's going to be a very long winter.


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