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Saturday 26 October 2013

Corrie weekly update - knickers, knackers, knockers

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I didn’t cry watching Corrie this week, did you? For the last few weeks I’ve had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye watching Hayley and Roy on Coronation Street but this week, things have calmed down. Either that, or I’m becoming as hard-faced as Tracy Barlow.  Sadly for Hayley, she collapses this week and is rushed to hospital where she’s treated for infection  It brings Roy to his senses and immediately to Hayley’s bedside where the two of them make up after rowing last week over Hayley’s right to die.  It’s an issue that’s not settled yet, it’s just not being talked about, not while Hayley recovers in her hospital bed.

The romance of Silly Sally and Terrible Tim continues this week with Tim determined to break up with Sally after Dev warns him he shouldn’t be messing Sally around the way that he is.  Tim finds his conscience after a couple of pints, and agrees. Tim trots round to see Sally to break things off but before he can get a word in edgeways, she breaks things off with him, apologising for being too clingy and pushing too far (I had a bra like that once).   It’s music to Tim’s ears and their romance is back on but will Tim change his ways?  Sophie doesn’t think so and tells her mum: “I don’t see the attraction, mum”.  “That’s ‘cos you’re a lesbian, Sophie.” Sally replies.

Elsewhere, Dennis tells Tina about selling Rita’s ring to Tracy at Barlow’s Buys. Tina buys it back for Rita using her baby bump cash and gets a mouthful from Tracy in the shop.  Their bickering escalates until Tina and Tracy end up at each other’s throats by the end of the week. We’ve had some first-rate bitching and fighting going on, the likes of which Corrie hasn’t seen for some time.  It gets out of hand when Tracy, of course, steps over the line and makes sarky comments about Tina’s dad, so Tina reacts the only way she knows how, picks up rocks and flings them through the window of Barlow’s Buys.  Is that the end of their feud, or just the beginning?

Now that Gail’s chucked him out of  the house, David moves in with Tina.  This gives David a roof over his head and Corrie the opportunity to get rid of Tommy after the actor was sacked.  Apparently, Tommy had come home, found David there and done a runner to the airport in a jealous rage and a cab from Streetcars.  Ta-ra, then Tommy.  As David hides out at Tina’s, Nick’s back at the bar of the Bistro which has now been taken over by St Ella and her mum. I’m not sure why and I don’t really care. It’s April next year she’s leaving, right?

And finally this week, Chesney’s market stall stock gets nicked from Big Garth’s lock-up.  He’s gutted, especially when he finds out Big Garth’s insurance won’t pay out as the lock up wasn’t actually locked up.  Dev hears Chesney’s plight and takes pity on the lad, offering him a job as the manager of the kebab shop. Chesney’s over the moon.  A manager? Of a kebab shop? I bet Katy doesn’t half regret dumping him now.

And that’s about that for this week.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow that Nick heals fast. From near death and a massive brain injury to standing behind the bar at the Bistro in a couple of weeks! T&T - the insults are really not that insulting. Tina needs to call Tracy a few more choice names..'murduress', boyfriend killer..'mommy dearest' or some such. The silly smirking back and forth is silly kids stuff. Lets have some smacking around and hair pulling!!
Why can't Brian stay for awhile? He's such a pompous ass..a Ken Barlow wannabee. He's so above everyone else (he thinks) that I find him a refreshing change to the barrage of depressing characters that are moping about the street. The adoption storyline is awful. I can see Julie and Eileen sharing a bottle of wine in Eileen's living room on her sofa with the ever popular blanket stretched across them, crying about the men who have used them and dumped them just when they needed them most. Ugh.


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