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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Preview of tonght's hour-long Corrie, Weds 16 October


Chaos at the christening, tonight on Coronation Street

DRAMA AT LILY’S CHRISTENING. It’s the day of Lily’s christening and Kylie and David are both struggling to hide their nerves. Unsure of what David knows, Kylie asks him if he loves and trusts her and to tell her now if there’s anything he’s unsure about. While David reassures her, Kylie remains unconvinced and goes to speak to Tina, begging her to reveal what her and David’s secret is. Backed into a corner Tina urges her to speak to Nick. The penny drops for Kylie, Tina knows about her and Nick - and so does David. Her mind reeling will Kylie realise the lengths David went to to get revenge on his brother? And at the church will the christening go ahead as Kylie struggles to contain her anger, fear, disgust and confusion or is David on the brink of losing it all?
ROY AND HAYLEY HAVE THE BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Roy and Hayley are full of love for each other as they agree to forget the ‘c’ word and enjoy their day in Blackpool. After a tram ride and a walk on the pier they head to the Tower Ballroom where Roy has planned a spot of dancing. Hayley’s ecstatic but when they arrive they’re disappointed to realise it’s closed for maintenance. Determined to still enjoy the trip Hayley insists on visiting a tarot booth. Roy’s cynical but will the clairvoyant surprise them both?
BARRY MAKES A PASS AT LIZ. Steve’s in the doghouse as both Michelle and Liz continue to give him the cold shoulder over his deceit. Will his charm offensive win Michelle round? Meanwhile when Michelle walks in on her dad making a drink fuelled pass at Liz she insists it’s time he goes home to save his marriage; but will he agree?
ELSEWHERE Dennis is rocked by an unpaid tax bill. Will he go to Rita for help or does he have other plans? And will his wise ideas get him into further trouble?

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Anonymous said...

Oh how timely, Dennis can declare bankruptcy! Also good to see that Nick has a stick, that David needs a thorough beating!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why is Lilly being christened so early? She was only born a couple of months ago and Nick is only just out of hospital. Just seems a bit previous for a non religeous family.

Anonymous said...

Boy that Rita sure keeps Dennis on a short leash. She can throw money at Tina for whatever reason, wherever she wants to go for a holiday, but Dennis has to pawn her ring because he's probably to afraid to ask her for help..not that she'd give him any. She said she had a bit saved for a rainy day, or some such but the purse is wide open for Tina. I hope Dennis bogs off for a bit - teach the old tight wad a lesson. Why does everyone think Rita is just wonderful - I don't see it. She'll probably help Tina leave Weatherfield with loads of dosh in her pocket so she can set herself up somewhere else.

Ping Pong Poo said...

I dont find Rita wonderful, she clunks around making smart assed commnments to Norris but sucks up to the unpleasant Tina, very creepy. And she and Dennis do not gel at all, do you think they have sex? I just wish they would do more with Phillip Laurie who is an excellent actor than portry him as Rita's 'boy'.

ChiaGwen said...

Rita has turned into a somewhat closet nasty with Dennis, hanging the fact of her controlling the purse strings over his head. She always seems to have endless money 'put away for a rainy day'. Didn't she already give Tina her 'life-savings'? Too bad Dennis couldn't suddenly win the lottery and be on an even keel with Rita. Agree Dennis should be seen more rather than Rita making snide remarks about Norris at every opportunity....that's getting old real fast.

NathanJohnson said...

Agree with Anon 12:08 and Ping Pong Poo, I dislike her and don't like the way she speaks to Norris. The writers need reminding her owns the shop, I don't know why she is still hanging around really.

Dennis can do so much better than her really, he is a fun character and doesn't need Rita hamming it up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Dennis and Rita have turned out to be a disappointment. They don't know what to do with Dennis so he just wafts in and out of Rita's storylines. Couples do have separate lives so there must be a story somewhere for him. By that, I mean something on-going because I guess his story with Robin Askwith will be short-lived.

Anonymous said...

HUGEly disappointed in how they've used Dennis. And Rita? Cannot figure her out at all. She has oodles of cash she wants to throw at Tina, then she's pinching pennies, then she's nagging Dennis about spending, then she's back to wanting to give Tina money. Now they're planning a cruise? But she's STILL got a tight rein on Dennis?

There's no flow and/or logic to any of the "finance" storylines.

Sooner or later Dennis is gonna get fed up being treated like a child who may or may not have earned his weekly allowance. I hope he does get fed up. Rita just isn't a very nice person anymore (never thought I'd say that!).

~JB in Canada

John McE said...

Unless I watched a different programme, I could have sworn Rita was quite prepared to pay for the cruise herself. It is Dennis's new-found independence that will leave to him wanting to pay his share.

And since Norris is quite the nastiest character in the programme (think Blanche, without the wit or charm), in my book Rita gets extra brownie points for being nasty to him.


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