Monday, 28 October 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 28 October

TRACY PUSHES TINA TOO FAR. Tina’s still gunning for Tracy when she receives a large bill for the smashed shop window. Desperate to end the feud, Rita tries to talk some sense into Tracy but Tracy just laughs in her face. Wanting to end the feud Rob catches up with Tina. Playing on the strain this is placing on Rita he offers a deal; he’ll pay for the repairs if Tina will publically apologise to Tracy, who can never know of their deal. Will Tina agree?
DEFIANT NICK DOES TOO MUCH, TOO SOON. Given hope that Leanne will return Nick pushes himself to the limit with his physio exercises. Gail confides in Kylie that she’s worried he’s getting his hopes up and Leanne may never return. But when the subject of Leanne is broached, how will Nick react?
FAYE’S LED ASTRAY BY A SCHOOLFRIEND. As Tim moves his stuff into Sally’s, Faye’s unimpressed. Grace offers to show her how to make Sally’s life a misery but what has she got in store for poor Sally?
ELSEWHERE Against Carla’s wishes, Peter introduces a bonus scheme at the factory for the most productive worker.

TINA’S FEUD WITH TRACY CONTINUES. Rob covers when Tracy demands to  know what Tina was insinuating and Tina learns from Rita that Rob tricked her into doing a deal with him. Angry, she readily tells Tracy  all about it. Tracy’s left questioning her relationship with Rob. She loves him but he’s a made a fool of her, can she trust him?
NICK’S RESCUED BY AN UNLIKELY HERO. As Nick is gripped by a panic attack a passing David rushes to his aid and ushers him back inside no.8. David’s full of concern for his brother but will Gail, Audrey and Kylie allow him back into the fold? Meanwhile Nick clings onto hope that Leanne will return.
FAYE WRAPS ANNA ROUND HER LITTLE FINGER. With Grace whispering in her ear, Faye asks Anna if she can have a Halloween party. Anna agrees to think about it but when Faye starts pulling on her heartstrings as instructed by Grace, claiming she just wanted something to look forward to after all that’s been happening with her dad and Sally, will Anna fall for it?
ELSEWHERE Beth is very impressed with Sinead’s sewing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing of course but I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if Nick gets together eventually with Kylie. Neither of them are angels or models of good or even half-decent behaviour, of course, but they seem better suited to each other than with their current respective spouses. I couldn't care that much what happens to Leanne. This catfight between Tina and Tracey seems a bit forced. A fight should be over something with higher stakes than Tracy's loose lips releasing stupid, petty remarks. So she badmouthed Tina's father but she didn't know him so who cares?

Ping Pong Poo said...

At one time it was illegal to marry your brothers wife. Why would businessman Nick want skanky ex cage dancer Kylie may I ask?

Anonymous said...

Well, if Tracy doesn't trust Rob, I guess it's time to pick out the headstone - he's heading for the big dirt nap.

Anonymous said...

But then why would Nick want whiny ex-prossie, ex-fraudster Leanne? I know, I know... the choices are so limited in the Cobbles... I still say he and Natasha the hairdresser should have gotten together -- at least she had plans and some ambition -- wanting to open her own salon, etc.

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