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Monday 28 October 2013

Favourite Corrie couples countdown - first poll

Who's your favourite Corrie couple? As Elsie Tanner once said: now there's a question. Can anyone choose only one couple out of the tens that have appeared on the cobbles for over 50 years?

Over the years, there have been countless polls asking people for their favourite Coronation Street couples and I thought it would be fun to include one on this, the ultimate website for hardcore Corrie fans.

There are 50 couples in all in my poll and the first five are below. There'll be a new batch of couples every week so vote for your favourites. I've tried to separate the most popular couples but it was no easy task, believe me! And I know I'll have forgotten some but I think there's a representation for every commenter.

You can vote for 2 couples every week.

Now then, who's in our first batch?

Len Fairclough and Rita Littlewood/Fairclough (1972-1983) - Their love story dominated Corrie storylines between 1972 and 1977 that culminated in their ratings winner wedding. Their relationship was tempestuous and fiery and consisted of various arguments, tiffs, broken engagements and walk outs. The Faircloughs are also remembered for fostering various children in the early 80s. Len died in 1983.

Chesney Brown and Katy Armstrong (2010-2013) - They met at Chesney's birthday party and they were attracted to each other. But they soon had to grow up when Katy fell pregnant and gave birth to Joseph in 2011. Despite the struggles of being young parents, Chesney and Katy seemed to accept it and still loved each other. That was until Katy fell for Ryan Connor and his 'young and free' attitude. Katy's adultery led to the break-up of a couple that could've gone on to be one of the stablest in the street.

Derek Wilton and Mavis Riley/Wilton (1976-1979, 1984-1997) - If there was any couple destined to be together - here they are! Both nervous and ditherers, they first planned to marry in 1984 but they both jilted each other! They finally married in 1988 and settled into a marriage consisting of gnomes and budgies. Derek also had a rival for Mavis' affections in the form of Victor Pendlebury. Derek died in 1997.

Alec Gilroy and Bet Lynch/Gilroy (1986-1992) - She spent years on her quest for a hubby, and in 1987 Bet finally got married - to stingy and bumbling Alec Gilroy. Considering her previous conquests, Alec was a surprise choice and street residents and viewers alike questioned the pairing. The pair ran the Rovers together and the marriage was filled with sarcastic banter which made the marriage popular. Although seen at first as a marriage of convinience, when Bet suffered a miscarriage, the Gilroys' affection towards each other was evident. The marriage ended when Alec left the Rovers for a job in Southampton, leaving Bet behind. 

Harry Hewitt and Concepta Riley/Hewitt (1960-1964, 1967) -  Harry met Concepta in the Rovers and proposed to her in Blackpool and they married in 1961 - the first regular characters to marry. Like any other couple, the Hewitts had arguments over Harry spending more time in the Rovers with pal Len than with his wife. Concepta fell pregnant and gave birth to Christopher in 1962. By 1964, Concepta was worried about Christopher's health and persuaded Harry to move to Ireland. The Hewitts returned to Elsie Tanner's wedding in 1967 and while fixing a van, Harry was crushed to death when the jack slipped. 

So vote now for 2 of your favourites out of those five!  Voting for this poll closes on Monday, 11th November.

And if you want to say who you've voted for and your reason for doing so, well leave a comment below! Check in next week to see who'll be in the next batch. 

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Donna said...

I checked Mavis and Derek, they are my second choice and were the pre-runners to Hayley and Roy, just very suited like a hand and a glove. But my first choice is the best: Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth, Jack and Vera. How you never even put them forward as one of the first five I'll never know and put kathy and Chesney in with your choiches, please, think again.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jack and Vera will get their turn, along with Stan and Hilda. Including Ches and Katie in this round just made the voting easier.

Llifon said...

Don't worry, the Duckies, Oggies and Croppers will make an appearance - I like to spread them out.

David the Wavid said...

Oh this is going to be tough. In the end I went for the couples who delivered the most laughs.

Zagg said...

Chesney and Katie? You're having me on!!


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