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Monday 21 October 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 21 October

Coronation Street at 7.30pm
ROY AND HAYLEY’S ROW UPSETS FIZ AND TYRONE. Having reached an impasse Hayley is staying at Fiz and Tyrone’s, while Roy’s at the cafe lost in worry.With her first-hand experience of cancer and it’s effects on a sufferer’s family Sally offers to speak to Roy. She’s very honest about the way her cancer affected her and as Roy admits Hayley is showing no consideration for his feelings he’s on the brink of telling all about her end of life plans. But when Hayley is suddenly taken ill and collapses, Fiz calls an ambulance and Roy puts their argument aside as he races over to be by her side.
TINA CAN’T BELIEVE DENNIS’ STUPIDITY. When Rita starts asking how long her ring will be at the jewellers, Dennis cracks and tells Tina of his stupid mistake. Knowing how upset Rita will be if she discovers Dennis has sold her ring, Tina insists on using the money from her surrogacy fee to buy it back from Tracy and Rob’s shop. But as Tina faces a gloating Tracy will it be that easy?
MICHELLE DECIDES TO TAKE BARRY HOME. As Michelle prepares to leave with Barry, insisting he has to tell her mum how sorry he is, Liz tells Steve it’s time to man-up and support his girlfriend.
ELSEWHERE as Stella and Gloria help out at the Bistro, Gail turns her back on David. But when he begs Gail to hear him out and let him see Lily and Max, will she let him back into no.8?

ROY KEEPS A BEDSIDE VIGIL. At the hospital tests reveal Hayley has a bacterial infection. Roy fears that Hayley’s cancer has spread but he’s assured that with antibiotics they should see a response in 24 hours. As a concerned Fiz and Tyrone leave the couple to talk, still in the dark about what caused their row, a solemn Roy sits with Hayley. Her decision is still weighing heavily on his mind and when Hayley apologises for leaving him Roy hopes Hayley’s changed her mind about ending her life.
SPITEFUL TRACY MAKES AN ENEMY OUT OF TINA. As Tina and Tracy have a face off, Rob completes Dennis’ transaction, selling the ring back to Tina for a considerable amount more than Dennis sold it for. Tina’s disgusted and vows to get revenge on Rob and Tracy. When Tracy purposefully lets slip to Rita just where her ring has been for the last few days Tina’s more fired up than ever.
DAVID’S OSTRACISED. As Gail hands David a bag of his clothes he apologises for his terrible actions. Gail does feel some guilt for her part in proceedings but refuses to forgive David. Gutted David goes to leave but when Kylie returns with Lily his face lights up. Will Kylie allow him to see Lily or will she continue to demand he stays away from her and the kids, despite her fear of being a single mum?
ELSEWHERE Liz is loving pub life again but makes it clear to Steve he’ll need to pull his weight. Struggling to juggle work at both the Rovers and Streetcars, Steve starts to wonder what he’s let himself in for.

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Stephen said...

Thank you for4 these updates, but, please, use a few more commas and hyphens.

Anonymous said...

I would never usually defend Tracy & Rob but I don't understand why Tina is angry about them selling the ring back for more than they bought it for. Whatever you think about this type of business, it's a legal one, buying & selling goods, so how are the owners supposed to make a profit if they sold goods for the same amount they bought them for. Everyone knows how this works.

Glenda Young said...

Stephen, re commas and hyphens, you might want to email ITV as we simply use their episode previews.

Ping Pong Poo said...

Is this a spelling bee or a blog about Coronation street? Stop being so rude and picky. I am already bored of the Platt saga yet it seems set to run and run and run.

Anonymous said...

I, would, like-to see, David chuck, Gail, right-out-of-his-house. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tracy shouldn't be defended whatsoever. She is just a sneering unlikable character, I don't care how legitimate her business is, why anyone would give her the time of day with the way she treats everyone is just absurd.

Humpty Dumpty said...

As others have said, nobody would secretly sell a precious ring on their doorstep but this is Corrie. You step off the world at the end of the road. And you definitely wouldn't do business with the nastiest character in Weatherfield. It's a plot device to kick off the feud between Tracy and Tina. I'm bored already.

Anonymous said...

Where's Tina's top from in last scene in pub the one with white colar

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:24 -

I see what you did there ;-)


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