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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street, Weds 9 October

Wednesday 9th October
ROY SUPPORTS HAYLEY. As Roy and Hayley head to a cancer support group he’s worried that she may find it upsetting but Hayley assures him it helps to share experiences with others in the same situation. There Hayley meets Jane who has terminal pancreatic cancer. Refreshed by Jane’s honesty about her fate Hayley declares she too intends to live life to the full. But when she asks Roy to help her plan her final days, explaining she wants to die at home with him by her side, will Roy be able to deal with it?
KYLIE’S SUSPICIONS GET THE BETTER OF HER. As Tina promises to help David with the DNA test, Kylie walks in on what looks like a cosy encounter. Rattled, she asks Eva to keep an eye on Tina in the pub. David soon arrives to see Tina, explaining he’s got his and Lily’s samples and is sending them off. But when Kylie suddenly appears, having been alerted by Eva, will she stumble upon what David is up to?
IT’S ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR STEVE. As Michelle despairs over the state of her parents’ marriage, Steve assures her everything will soon be ok. Confused by the his cryptic comments Michelle asks Steve what he’s up to, will he reveal all?
ELSEWHERE Carla’s struggling relinquishing power as Peter starts to get more involved in business at Underworld. Stella, Eva and Gloria toast the sale of the Rovers as they prepare to move into no.13.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Arrggh more scenes of scowling Tina sticking her flaming oar in - why is Dopy David so keen to confide in her when she dobbed him in last time. Kylie and her fight over David - yawn - change the record writers.

Anonymous said...

Why would Kylie or Tina even have given David a second look. If he was even good looking or had money, that might explain some of the attraction but he lives at home, has a menial job and is a bullying coward to boot! I'm looking forward to him being pushed around - but, it is dragging on.

Anonymous said...

Also, how many times are they going to do the DNA test, who's the daddy storyline? I guess the writers thought 'well, it worked for Tyrone/Kevin/Molly, let's do it again'-this way, we won't have to try to come up with a plot - just dust that one off and bob's your uncle. Lazy IMO.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kylie attracted to David? Well what was great about her when she arrived? Has a kid whose father she probably doesn't remember, sold Max to Steve and Becky and demanded more money and swanned off to become a pole dancer in another country before she met David.

Yeah, perfect lifestyle.

John McE said...

Did anyone else find the "happy" cancer sufferer unbearable in last night's episode?

Great to show a terminal sufferer of the disease determined to make the most of her time, but this one acted it like she had just won the lottery. No wonder Roy was so uncomfortable. I was too.

Anonymous said...

I new a fellow suffering from throat cancer. He was going into surgery about a month before he passed so they could remove the rest of his tongue. He would never speak again. "At least I'm not going to die" he explained. Denial right to the end. I don't think she was OTT - she just wasn't going to let cancer win - she'd beaten it and accepted her fate, such as it was.
The one I found strange was her husband but maybe he was just putting on the 'brave' face for her benefit. Good episode - poor Roy.

Anonymous said...

It seemed to me that Jane and her husband were employing their own form of gallows humour. She explained that she had been depressed for awhile but it wasn't her nature, so she had reverted to her typical behaviour, which was cheerful and positive. It seemed that she and her husband had made a conscious choice to remain positive, which matches Hayley's attitude. Unfortunately for Roy, with his ineptitude with feelings and emotions, this is not something he can easily embrace. He's struggling with his attempt to support Hayley's choices. He can't help but see his future without her, and it terrifies him.


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