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Monday 14 October 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 14 October

Michelle is the new landlady of The Rovers Return - or at least she thinks so. Such a good entrance for Liz. The unmistakable black and silver stiletto on the pavement heralds her arrival. And what an arrival. On entry into The Rovers she is greeted not by adoring old friends but by a catfight between Tina and Kylie, which she sorts out with no messing. She tells Tina and Kylie that they are two little trollops and demands they leave and go to the gutter where they belong.

Liz's arrival takes away Michelle's moment of triumph over Tracy. Tracy is clearly put out that Michelle isn't just a barmaid, but the landlady. Michelle is quick to tell Tracy that jealousy is an unattractive emotion. Tracy denies any jealousy saying that she would not want to be the landlady of a 'scuzzy backstreet pub.' Tracy asks why Michelle's name is not on the sign above the door which reminds Steve to attend to it. On seeing the sign Deirdre wonders whether she should have a sign and what it should say. You have to hand it to Tracy when she suggests, 'Abandon hope all  who enter here.' Michelle's triumph is short-lived when it's discovered that Liz is also the landlady. Michelle says, 'What's she doing here?' Michelle is outraged, mainly because Steve kept it from her that his mum was returning, would also be landlady and would be living on the premises. Still, the two women bond over an insulting Steve session and as Liz says, 'I'm not a monster.' It's good that she's back. Did anyone notice the filigree attachments on Liz's hair like the very thin tinsel you see at Christmas? Undeniably, Liz is fighting her age and she's winning. .

One of the most surprising parts of tonight's episodes is Norris teaching Roy how to dance. So there is some good in all of us.He does though sour the experience a little by moaning about Roy's having broken some crockery, alllegedly the best, but that's Norris, he couldn't just ignore it and so continue the good feeling.

The whole is it Nick, is it David who's the daddy? business, the letter, the DVD case, the letter disappearing from the DVD case and the hotel reservation letter all became a little tedious. There is still of course some mileage in the question of will Leanne find out that Nick and Kylie,slept together and will Kylie find out that David knew that Kylie had slept with Nick? And will Gail realise that David overheard her and Kylie discussing Kylie and Nick having slept together? And... if any of these, then on and on and on.

Jane and Hayley have struck up a good friendship though Jane seems just a little too upbeat in the face of death, 'I promise not to peg out before you get back,' for example. Her expression, as Hayley is leaving, is probably a more truthful reflection as to how she is really feeling. Hayley couldn't have looked happier though as she and Roy kangaroo-ed their way to Blackpool until Hayley wisely took the wheel. We all wish them the very best for their holiday.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Nick didn't seem particularly shocked when Kylie arrived with the letter about the dna. Even given his poor health, you'd expect him to make more of a show - or was that just bad acting.

Newfy Pearl said...

I don't like the Jane character. I want Hayley to spend time with Roy, Fizz, and her friends.
Loved Liz coming back...hope she and Michelle won't get along. Michelle belittles Steve and she has to go!
Eva and Steve would be a more interesting match. Come to think of it....Emily would be a better match for Steve than Michelle. lol
When and how is Tina going to end up with you-know-who I wonder....that storyline should be interesting. lol

Frosty the Snowman said...

I dont like Jane either, just turning up out of the blue and seemed put out when Roy turned up to take Hales to Blackpool. Hope she is not going to turn into another physco stalker. Hailey needs a gentle time now. And STOP SHOUTING Michelle, what a shrew this woman is, get rid of her Mr Blackburn so Steve and Liz can run the Rovers.

John McE said...

As delighted as I was to hear that Liz McDonald was returning, what did she look like? That hair looked like Bet Lynch on a VEY bad day.

Bev Callard's hair is fine, so why deliberately make the character look so grotesque?

The character of Jane jars horribly with that of Hayley. Julie H, is managing to convey brilliantly a character that is determined to put a brave face on her terminal illness. Jane on the other hand is behaving like she's won the lottery.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Welcome back Liz. All is well in the world that is the Rovers Return.

And even though it's a bit too obvious, I wouldn't half mind if she ended up with Michelle's Dad.

So long as he calls her Elizabeth ...

Anonymous said...

Jane is on her way out. Haley realizes she doesn't want to go out the same way - hooked up to a drip and doesn't know what's going on around her, so she wants to end her own life on her own terms.

I think it was a BIG mistake bringing Liz back - same big mouth and that hair? WTF - she looks like hell. Tone her down a bit - dress etc was ok but the makeup and hair was something out of the early 80's..made her look 10 years older than she is.

Ping Pong Poo said...

Liz returned with rather bad hair extensions but she was back with a bang and SHE IS NOT BEIGE - Hurrah to have her back. Put a few noses out of joint though, like Anna Lank Locks Windass. Finding Daddy Connor rather annoyinng and pointless already I am afraid.

ChiaGwen said...

Love Liz's return but it was spoiled by shouty, sour face Michelle - wish she would leave and take her Dad with her. Didn't Kylie tell Eva about spending the night with Nick shortly after it happened...?...yet Eva asked why David would get a DNA test...and Kylie made up the story about texting a male friend who David thought could be the father...??

Rachel said...

Liz looks like Lily Savage! Great to see her back though.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Liz is wearing Hair Dazzle, ha love it


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