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Saturday 19 October 2013

Corrie weekly update - the update with spontaneity scheduled in

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With apologies that there was no update last week. Events conspired against me although it was all in a good cause as I was attending a very special  Coronation Street press event in Blackpool.  And then episodes went askew because of schedule changes, so here we go with a round-up of two weeks worth of words from Weatherfield.

First off, the big story of the week, indeed possibly the year or let’s face it, one of the biggest storylines that Corrie’s ever had – is Roy and Hayley in Blackpool.  With an itinerary in one hand: “At 4.30pm I have scheduled in some time for spontaneity” and a candy floss in the other, Roy walks along the prom with a stuffed elephant in his bag after winning it on the slots for Hayley.  This was such a touching episode, with the pair of them paddling in the sea and then Hayley drags Roy to see a fortune teller.  The Corrie clairvoyant reads trouble in the cards but hides it well from the Croppers and when she hears that Hayley would have loved to have danced in the tower ballroom but it’s closed for maintenance, she hits on a plan. The fortune teller tells Hayley and Roy to return to the ballroom and divines that Hayley will dance. Roy thinks it’s all a load of cobblers but to his surprise, the ballroom is open when they return and the pair of them foxtrot around the floor to the mighty Wurlitzer.  “Thanks, mother!” yells the tower ballroom manager to his mum up in the balcony, who turns out to be the fortune teller herself. I think I might have had something in my eye at this point… 

Back home in Weatherfield, Hayley tells Roy she wants to choose when she dies, not letting the cancer dictate when she goes.  Roy can’t get his head around this, not one bit, and they argue and row, with Hayley walking out and moving in with Fiz.  

Elsewhere, Nick wakes up from his coma and demands that David does a DNA test on Lily.  The test results return showing a very strong possibility that David’s the daddy, which is good news for David but the truth all comes out at Lily’s christening - the Christmas night wedding shag-fest, the flat break-in, the Bistro bother, the car crash, everything. Gail chucks David out of the house, calling him evil and likening him to Richard Hillman. Audrey sacks David from the salon, Leanne strops off to stay with Toyah and Nick moves back in with Gail.  

Over at Underworld, Eva gets a new job as PA to Peter, and Sally’s not best pleased that someone else has been given the job she thinks is rightfully hers.

And at the pub, a rover returns when leggy Liz McDonald walks through the door. She’s back from Spain to run the pub that she’s half-bought with Steve, leaving Michelle shell-shocked.  It’s not long though before Liz and Michelle form a pact against Steve to keep him on his toes, and Michelle’s dad Barry moves into the pub.  There was a funny scene when Barry tries to chat up Liz after having a few too many drinks.  Michelle orders him out of the pub. “That’s it!” he says, “Oim off ter the Floying Arms!”.  Liz replies: “Is that the Weatherfield Arms or the Flying Horse?”  “I’m going ter both” he shouts before stumbling out the door. 

And in other news, Dennis is skint. He’s also got Rita’s engagement ring in his pocket which he’s supposed to take to the jewelry shop to get cleaned. The ring, you’ll remember, belonged to his mum Elsie. And what does Dennis do? He only goes and takes it to Barlow’s Buys and sells it to Tracy for a fraction of its worth. Rita’s going to string him up like Christmas lights when she finds out.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

The rosy glow of Blackpool didnt last long with the ridiculous falling out of Hailey and Roy. You would think these two would cherish the time left together but of course we have to have this plot driven rubbish. Hailey bullying Roy and then running off to stay with a increasingly silly voiced Fizz was totally out of character but of course we all know where this is going - Roy being charged and probably jailed for aiding and abetting a suicide which is against the law.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I have only one criticism of the Roy & Hayley scenes in Blackpool. The clairvoyant didn't need to pull out the death card. I don't know much about tarot but I do know it isn't a straightforward omen about pending death and can have many interpretations. I get the point about the clairvoyant seeing their future but it was a bit ham-fisted. More subtle and telling would have been for her to look at the unseen cards and have an expression of understanding on her face.

Glenda Young said...

Frosty, I didn't find the falling out of roy and Hayley ridiculous, did anyone else? totally believable, emotions run high when you're dying of cancer.

Glenda Young said...

Humpty - you're right. I don't know mch about tarot but I do know the death card doesn't mean death it means change. And I also don't believe in tarot but it was a nice touch to the storyline.

Anonymous said...

Tuned in this week for the first time in ages and was pleasantly surprised. The dramatic christening seemed much less OTT than previous "explosive" events and I actually was drawn in rather than constantly thinking: "This is complete nonsense".

Sadly the Roy and Hayley scenes just made me think it was such pity that those two were so marginalised in the Collinson years. It clearly is better, but rather than keep thinking it must improve soon as I did when I still watched it, now I think it'll probably go back to how it was.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has watched a loved one die in absolute agony cannot help but wonder if you had the chance to turn back time, would you help your beloved end their time with dignity instead of watching them gasp out their last breath hooked up to tubes and out of their mind on pain killers. It really takes its toll on a family. We help our pet friends when it's their time, why not our loved ones? I think Roy will come around - he and Haley will go to another country and he'll come back alone.
Anyway - well done Corrie for showing both sides of the dilemma.

John McE said...

How long was Roy and Hayley's Blackpool trip? I thought it was for 1 or 2 days at most.

When Roy was anxiously waiting to whisk her away, Jane had turned up at the café. Yet when they got back, not only was Jane at a hospice, but from what her husband said had been there for a while.

There seems something very off with the timing.

Dubcek said...

Why wasn't Nick's DNA included in the test, surely both of them should have been tested.
How can Gail throw David out of his own house if she doesn't like what he did then she should have moved in with Audrey.
How can Audrey fire David for something that has nothing to do with his competency at the salon, I would think that if he took her to a labour tribunal she would lose as she had no grounds to fire him.

Anonymous said...

It's not so unbelievable for someone with terminal cancer to take a nose dive and be gone in a week. I knew a fellow who was diagnosed and gone in 3 weeks time, so it happens.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find the falling out between Roy and Hayley ridiculous. I think that, for each, it was a manifestation of their deepest fears. Roy is desperate to have Hayley with him for as long as possible and fears losing her before he has to. Hayley is afraid of reverting to her past, as Jane has, which means becoming Harold again. Fear sometimes makes people react with anger, but I think Hayely and Roy, after a short period for each to calm down and realise what is really important, will work this out.

I do agree that the timeline with Jane was a little wonky. Not so much that her condition deteriorated quickly, but the implication that she had been in the hospice for several days.

lizzieizzard said...

I'm expecting David to turn nasty and sell the house and salon from under all the rellies... it will turn out nasty and Gail and the crew will be moved out of the house to live with Audrey.. now wont that be nice..

chartreuse said...

For the first time I wished that David still owned the salon and then at least he would have not have to suffer that indignity. I suppose they want him to be totally down and out. Still hating Gail and until she fired him was feeling that the only calm reasonable one was Audrey - who after all had a lot to process in a short time!

Anonymous said...

The fighting between Roy and Hayley was too over-the-top. I didn't believe it. It just wasn't like either Roy or Hayley -- even with the pressure of the illness and friend Jane's turn for the worse -- the fighting scene still smacked of forced, "ham-fisted" writing to drive home the issue of assisted suicide. I would have preferred a much more nuanced handling of an emotional but delicate matter especially when it involves a couple like Roy and Hayley who are supposed to understand each other more than most couples on the Cobbles.


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