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Monday 7 October 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 7 October

This may not be a popular comment to make but Gail can be very irritating, particularly when she fails to recognise that sometimes people just need to be left alone to think. In tonight's episodes, for example, David was having a quiet moment looking at a photograph of Lily, and Gail was asking if he's made tea, commenting that he was up early and generally not reading the mood. Gail asks an absolutely exhausted looking Kylie if she might go to the hospital but though she says she's not going yet, she suggests to David that she and David will go after he's finished work.

Nick is highly irritable, not to mention demented with rage. Poor little Simon though - it really wasn't on to be so irritated with him. Leanne tries to calm Nick down and then he apologises. So, how will this all end? If the baby is Nick's, then that revelation will ruin his and Leanne's marriage and Simon will be affected by that. If it isn't, will Nick go to the police and say David tried to kill him?    

David though has a lot on his mind, too much in fact. The only person Nick wants to see is David and of course we know why that is. In addition to the fury Nick feels about David, David has another problem coming his way and that is Kylie's understandable jealousy of Tina, who, according to Kylie had the right idea - have the baby, then pass it on so someone else can do the dirty work. Smelling of sick is not the best part of parenthood, but thankfully it passes. Kylie though, having got dressed up for her couple of drinks with Eva, asks Michelle if David had been in. Michelle says he has, so Kylie sees the green-eyed monster just as we see the credits roll.

Not sure yet what to make of the Michelle's dad situation. While Michelle moans about the men in her life, Roy tells Fiz that he's attempting to be the man Hayley wants him to be. He doesn't seem to realise that he is already the man Hayley wants him to be with perhaps one thing lacking and that is the ability to drive. He doesn't seem to be a natural driver, though appears to be mastering  reversing round a corner, unless Hayley was just being kind.

The relationship between Carla and Hayley is as uplifting as it is surprising. They are two very different women but there is undoubtedly a connection between them, an affection and a genuine respect. Carla though was taken aback when she learned that Eva had been appointed by Peter as his and her PA. Sally of course thinks her name is on the job and even goes as far as to say that she'll miss the factory floor. Sally says she knows that Carla knows what she, Sally is capable of and feels it's just a matter of time. Fiz explains to anyone who will listen that Sally has 'an inflated idea of her own importance.'

What terrific scenes we are seeing with Roy and Hayley. We know that Roy is planning another trip but he wants it to be a surprise. Hayley knows something is going on because she says she can read him like a book. Roy replies that obviously she can't read him like a book because otherwise she'd know what it was. Fair point, Roy.

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Anonymous said...

I can see why Kylie is jealous of Tina - with her new lips n'all.
Also..Why does Eileen bang on about Paul leaving and breaking her heart when she's the one who tossed him to the curb?
Nick Schmick-who cares. Gail is a moron followed closely by Sally, who used to have a pair but now is mewling and crawling around after a loser like Tim. Talk about desperate.

Tvor said...

While Sally might be a very good PA, she's probably a far better stitcher than Eva so they can get more work done with Sally on the floor than in the office. That's my take on it

Frosty the Snowman said...

I really really detest Gail, like a spider in the background all the time with that stupid look on her face and that stupid voice - aaarggh - Paula Lane is a great actress and should be allowed to take centre stage and shine without this blinking whispering fool that had had her day on Corrie. Kill Gail off!

Also "Sally the PA" is getting very old now.

Humpty Dumpty said...

My guess is the PA business is the trigger for a feud between Sally and Eva, esp since Kylie has pointed out that lunatics can be dangerous. Perhaps Sally will sabotage paperwork in the office and try to break up Eva and Jason.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of Michelle and her better-than-everyone-else attitude.

Pat Pong said...

So again we are to believe that Peter who ran a business for years, did all his own accounts etc now is such a dork as to lose files and not know how to get them back? He needs an airhead that worked as a temp for six whole months to turn his office around - what a lot of trumped up rubbish

ChiaGwen said...

Steve, dump that moany, sour-faced Michelle....she will be the ruin of you. Heard Liz was to get along with Michelle - too bad - I had hoped she would put Michelle in her place...under the floor boards of the Rovers.

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud at the first sentence. Why would it not be a popular comment to make? Gail can be ENORMOUSLY irritating, LMAO

Ruth owen said...

Well, Anonymous, insane though it may seem, some people really like Gail. I know!


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