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Wednesday 30 October 2013

10 reasons why Gail Platt is a cultural icon

gail platt
With thanks to Vada Magazine and writer Martyn Hakan Hett for allowing us permission to post this fab tribute to Gail Platt to the Coronation Street Blog, 

Martyn is on twitter @MartynHett and is the person responsible for the Audrey Roberts noise. Check out the 10 reasons he's a Deirdre Barlow fan, also published online in Vada Magazine here.

But for now, enjoy the magic that is Gail Platt.
1) Her seduction skills are second to none
Ever wondered how Gail has gotten through so many men? I’d most definitely put it down to her powers of seduction. In the following video, we see Gail subtly attempt to have a quickie with her mother’s ex Lewis on her lunch-break. You have to admit, the girl’s got stamina. Unfortunately Lewis was only pretending to fancy her so he could steal her vast fortune; but had it been any other man, I doubt they could have possibly said no:

2) Her talent knows no bounds
Former waitress, receptionist and now head cleaner at the bistro – Gail has already built up an impressive resume. But her talents don’t end there. She’s also an incredible singer and dancer, and her repertoire is vast and versatile, ranging from the Nolans all the way to Katy Perry.  I should probably point out that it took me 3 entire hours to locate the 90s version of Gail singing ‘In The Mood For Dancing’, and when I did eventually find it, I almost suffered a seizure, so please enjoy it:

3) She’s the Elizabeth Taylor of Weatherfield.
Gail’s never had it easy when it comes to men. Her first marriage to Brian Tilsley was abruptly ended when she had an affair. Unsurprisingly, a man can only stay away from Gail for so long, and they remarried her shortly after. However, it seems karma is a bitch, and Gail’s second chance of happiness was thwarted when Brian was stabbed in a back alley outside a nightclub. Thankfully, Gail traded in for a younger model and found love in toy-boy Martin Platt. Unfortunately Martin did the same to Gail and had an affair with a Geordie nurse (who eventually got bored and emigrated to Kuala Lumpur). Gail soldiered on and began a relationship with Richard Hillman, whom she married in 2002. But once again, the curse of Gail struck and he turned out to be a serial killer who drove her entire family into a canal. Standard. At this point, most people would have given up – but not our Gail! Her 5th marriage to a man named Joe McIntyre ended in tears when he sailed into the night on a boat, got a bit pissed, fell off and died. Despite these 5 unsuccessful attempts at marriage, Gail still remains confident that one day she’ll find her Mr Right. For that, I applaud her.
4) She partakes in recreational drug usage

5) She champions the polo-neck
Despite the polo-neck being a trend that comes and goes as the years go by, Gail has remained defiant, wearing them consistently for the past 38 years. Not only this but Gail manages to change and adapt the garment in order to suit every occasion. In the collage I created below we see Gail looking pretty in polo-necks at funerals, weddings and even in jail.
gail platt rollnecks

6) She has mood altering stairs
In the clip below, we see Gail enjoying a foot massage from a male companion. Once again, she turns on her sultry swag and claims that it’s “so good it must be bad for me”. It seems as though Gail’s finally about to get some when her male friend takes her by the hand and leads her to the stairs. But for some reason, as soon as her delicate, massaged feet touch the first few steps – Gail goes all psycho-bitch on his ass and throws him out without so much as an explanation. Perhaps she was predicting her future stair-based attack from her son David?

7) She’s a power bottom

8) She’s developed her own labelling system. It’s simple, but it works.
Gail is very precious about her personal possessions. Presumably as a result of the abuse she’s suffered from the various tenants she’s had in her house (second only to Eileen who somehow manages to house 86 people in her 2 bedroom terrace), Gail has developed a labelling system. It’s simple, but it works – and if you are stupid enough to abuse this system, you WILL face Gail’s wrath.

9) She does a great ‘end of part one’
Corrie may not have a ‘duh duh’ moment like EastEnders, but there’s often space for a dramatic moment before the commercial break – something EastEnders definitely lacks. In the below video, Gail gives us one of the finest ‘End of Part One’ moments ever featured in Coronation Street. It was 1979, possibly before the ability to freeze-frame shots. As a result of this, Gail remains poised and still for an awkwardly long time as the ‘End Of Part One’ text fades in. She’s so graceful, you’d never even know she was in motion.

10) She’d have your back in a fight
You’d never think that such a delicate flower like Gail would condone or partake in the act of violence. But you are incredibly mistaken. Because I have far too much time on my hands, I’ve created a compilation video of Gail’s various scuffles. Passionate and determined – it’s safe to say she’d definitely have your back in a fight.

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Piing Pong Poon said...

am one of the anti Gail brigade. She may have been fine back in the day when she was a young girl and a young mother but she has been in it far too long. Her character is a just ludicrous with her blinking and whispering and acting like the village loon, she is now embarrassing to watch That sucking lemon face is just awful. Where is there for her to go? Harsh but she should be killed off. That clip of her running after Leanne in those silly pumps made me want to punch her. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was priceless ! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks for bringing it all together.

abbyk said...

You know that thing about first impressions... I like Gail and it's probably because when I first started watching, around 2001, she was an interesting, watchable character. I've been able to put up with her blindness towards David's evil, the stupidity of pursuing Lewis, olives, blinking, meddling, collar stays,... because I liked what I first saw, and a lot of good stuff has been added since. Ditto Tina, Eileen and yeah, even Sophie. If I started watching during or after the Natasha story, I'm sure my opinion of Gail wouldn't be very good. Thanks for reposting - never thought of the turtleneck wedding dress, someone in costume must have been having some fun that day.

Barrie.T said...

I love Gail, her singing and all her silly ways. She is able to do fluff and serious drama, which shows what a versatile actress she is...

Anonymous said...

To me, Gail Platt IS Coronation Street. I adore her.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Gail, even when she was at her most exasperating best.
She always showed great depth, from caring mother and loving wife, to a real fighter, defending her cubs.
The writers have taken away her power, taken her down a peg or two, and the character is doing the best she can with these circumstances.
I feel like her character is on vacation, and will come back one of these days.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

I love dysfunctional, smother- mother Gail. All her faults make her so very real.

I want her to show what a cool grandmother she can be. Why not bring back Bethany? Now the same age as her mother was when she had her. Perhaps too much of a handful for Sarah Lou. And stroppy when she first arrives but soon develops a special bond with Gail. She could teach Gail Italian and they could try cooking Italian food together.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with Piing Pong Poon.

Gail, Phone home. ET's waiting for you!

Mad Hatter said...

Wow, a comment about Gail being ET. Come up with that one all by yourself Anonymous 17:28?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't care for the silly simpering stuff and lines whispered to show you're being really emotional. I do love the proper Corrie comedy in punch-ups on the cobbles. HW really goes for it and has a ball. Writers, give Gail a life away from her two spoilt bratty sons - her own fault, of course - and, no, not another affair, please.(apologies if this shows up three times!)

Mary said...

It really is time for the writers to turn Gail into a personality that we can watch without cringing. And maybe after this current thing with David and Nick she will start to conduct herself like a mother with at least half a brain.

Hannah said...

NZ Coro Junkie your right bring back sarah and Bethany I really miss them and I would love to see the way sarah has a go at David for being responsible for putting nick in a coma

Anonymous said...

It would be great if Sarah and Bethany who would be very chic for a quick visit from Italy to see the family especially after Nick being so sick - Miss Bethany could give Eva Tina and a few others a run for their money - now that would be fun to see need some light fun on the screen Corrie is getting a little dark need some balance please...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I'd forgotten how great those hair-pulling fight scenes were..and what a cast there was back then!
Thanks for putting this all together - kudos!!

Anonymous said...

The truly great thing about Gail is that fundamentally the writers have stayed true to her character. She has ALWAYS used whispering lines, ALWAYS felt as though she is in the right whether it be with Suzie, Brian, Martin or now her kids. With so may characters having personality transplants left right and centre over the years I think it is incredible that the writers have stayed true to her. Helen Worth is magnificent and long may she reign!- Micky

Anonymous said...

WOW! " Mad Hatter said..." what a grouch. This is supposed to be fun. Get a life

Anonymous 17:28

maggie muggins said...

Hilarious, Flaming Nora! Thanks for putting it together!

I agree that Gail's lost her mojo. She really needs some storylines away from the house & bistro. Her and Aud power-walking was a good one!


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