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Monday 14 October 2013

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street, Monday 14 October

Corrie at 7.30pm
TINA AND KYLIE COME TO BLOWS OVER DAVID. As David tries to convince Kylie there’s nothing going on between him and Tina she seems to calm down, but away from David she tells Eva she’s changing tack to expose his infidelity and instead of being confrontational is going to search for the evidence she needs. But will Kylie stumble across more than she bargained for and how will Tina react when a fiery Kylie comes storming into the Rovers all guns blazing? Will Tina spill David’s secrets?
A BLAST FROM THE PAST STUNS THE ROVERS. It’s Steve and Michelle’s first day as the new owners of the pub and Michelle’s under no illusions: it’s no goldmine and running it will be hard graft. Steve’s optimistic but anxious that he still hasn’t broken the news to Michelle about Liz’s involvement in the business. Will he find the words before Liz makes her Rovers Return?
ROY ENLISTS THE HELP OF AN UNLIKELY FRIEND. Having decided to take Hayley on a surprise trip to Blackpool, Roy realises he’s got some work to do beforehand. Realising his ballroom dancing skills aren’t quite up to scratch, who will Roy employ to help him?
Elsewhere Rita’s in the mood for a holiday. Nick’s finally discharged from hospital but it’s far from a happy occasion as a grumpy Nick struggles to comes to terms with his debilitation and uncertain future.

Corrie at 8.30pm
KYLIE DISCOVERS LILY’S DNA TEST RESULTS. As Tina and Kylie take their row outside Kylie demands answers. Rushing over from the salon David’s horrified, will Tina reveal all? Back at home Kylie gathers some things to take to Eva’s for the night but as she grabs a DVD she spots some paper sticking from the case - it’s the DNA results. Kylie’s aghast, presuming this is Gail’s work, and fearing what David knows. As she goes to see Nick, Kylie presses him for answers. Will he reveal the truth about David?
LIZ AND MICHELLE PUT STEVE IN THE DOG HOUSE. Liz sets about making herself at home in the Rovers as a fuming Michelle demands to know what’s going on. On the backfoot as Liz is a week early, Steve flannels for an excuse explaining he could only scrape together enough money if Liz came in as part owner. Will Michelle accept this and how aware was Liz of Steve’s arrangement with Michelle?
ROY REVEALS HIS SURPRISE TO HAYLEY. Hayley’s overwhelmed when Roy reveals he’s planned a surprise trip to Blackpool, Leaving tonight.
ELSEWHERE Dennis isn’t as keen on the idea of a cruise as Rita is but with little control over the purse-strings, has he much choice on the matter?

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Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy; what woman in her right mind would fight over David Platt?! Ladies, pull it together!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, do you think we might get a web special of Dennis and Rita on a cruise?

abbyk said...

Sunday night, how annoying was Barry? Did we really need another new character shoehorned in everywhere a la Stella? In almost every scene, I had wished that grossly underused Dennis had been there instead.

Newfy Pearl said...

I got a little chuckle when I saw Stella's reaction to Liz running the Rovers. lol
I thought - yeah she will show you how to run the Rovers in a colorful way!

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree....this guy is getting on my nerves already...who needs him when we have Dennis! I love Dennis...we need to see more of him. Rita is ignoring the signs...she is making him feel like a kept man again. This means somewhere down the road Dennis will stray maybe? If so...who would it be I wonder......Deirdre hasn't had romance or scandal in a


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