Friday, 18 October 2013

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street, Fri 18 October

Corrie at 7.30pm
HAYLEY MAKES A PROFOUND DECISION. Hayley’s in bright spirits after her trip to Blackpool but when she discovers friend Jane (who she met at the support group) has been admitted to a hospice as her cancer has spread Hayley’s upset. At the hospice Roy’s shaken by the snapshot of what awaits Hayley and while Jane’s husband praises the staff there, Hayley’s shocked by Jane’s rapid deterioration and how dosed up she is on morphine. Sensing her fears Roy gently broaches the subject of patient choice with regards to pain relief and place of death. But when Hayley agrees he’s right and she’s come to an important decision, Roy is floored by her revelation.
DAVID, KYLIE AND NICK FACE THEIR FUTURES ALONE. As Nick fears that Leanne will never forgive him for sleeping with Kylie, Eva arrives to deliver a shock message from Leanne. Has he lost her for good? Kylie’s disgusted that Nick knew what David was capable of and yet said nothing. David pleads his case with Audrey, begging her to speak to Kylie and Gail. Will Audrey agree or has David gone too far this time, even for his own family?
MICHELLE DISCOVERS THE TRUTH ABOUT BARRY. Michelle’s horrified as Barry finally comes clean about the rift in his marriage, Helen caught him in bed with one of her friends and wants a divorce. How will Michelle react to this latest bombshell?
ELSEWHERE A desperate Dennis sells Rita’s engagement ring in Rob and Tracy’s shop in a bid to pay his tax bill.

Corrie at 8.30pm
HAYLEY MAKES ROY CONTEMPLATE THE UNTHINKABLE. Roy’s in utter disbelief, unable to compute what Hayley’s just told him, that she intends to end her own life when her cancer spreads. As it becomes apparent just how much Hayley has thought about her decision, Roy’s appalled. Hayley insists it’s about being in control and not spending her last days in a drug-induced haze but Roy refuses to allow her to go ahead with this plan. As Hayley does her best to make Roy understand why she’s made this decision he’s lost in a world of turmoil, hurt and confusion. Will Hayley be able to convince Roy of her logic or will it all prove too much for the couple to deal with?

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Joseph said...

Is tonight's second episode a two-hander then?

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