Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pics: Coronation Street - Horrible Hallowe'en

With thanks to ITV for sending us these fabulous archive pictures for our Coronation Street horrible Hallowe'en blog post.  All the pictures below are from the Hallowe'en episode in 2003 when Fred Elliot threw a Hallowe'en party in the Rovers Return.

The episode aired on Friday 31st October 2003 and was written by Daran Little. 

One of the great lines in the episode came from Jack Duckworth: "You've heard of the Bride of Frankenstein? Well I'm the husband of Vera Duckworth."

You can read the 2003 Hallowe'en episode synopsis on Wikipedia.

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How many of the Corrie characters from the pictures below, taken 10 years ago, can you remember?

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Anonymous said...

Fred, Karen, Candace, Nick by Adam Rickett, Shelley, Bev, Cieran, (Steve).

Anonymous said...

Eileen, Maria, Tyson, Steve, Janice - don't remember the other one with the long hair though

Anonymous said...

Bev...that was the one I missed; very different looking in long black wig with bangs.
Adam Rickitt looks more like the present Nick Tisley in these pics with his hair slicked back.

Dilly Daydream said...

I remembered all of them - 10 years isn't that long ago when you're as old as I am ;-)

Tvor said...

Fred was great that year!

Caroline said...

Karen MacDonald forever!!!

maggie muggins said...

Gosh, I remember that episode well! It seems like yesterday. Is is really ten years ago!? Memorable costumes that year. Loved Fiz!

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