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Sunday 27 October 2013

Corrie weekly awards for Oct. 21 - 25

Cover up fashion award: Liz actually had the cleavage more or less covered (even if it was see through lace!)

Support award: Sally was lovely with Roy.

Peas in a pod award: Aside from the heels, Beth and Liz are kind of similar.

Pratt award: More and more Tim is behaving like a tosser.

Bad influence award: Faye has become even more rude hanging about with Grace.

Emasculation award: Rita really tore Dennis down to size.

Contamination award. Roy and Fiz both used the hand sanitizer and then put their hands on the door to open it. Fail.

Musical Ambiance: "Take on Me" in the pub when Sally and Sophie were arguing about Tim the loser.

Insincere award: Tracy's apology to Rita. Purely a reason to rattle Tina's cage.

Are you new here award: Tim thinks Sally will be the no-strings girl she says she is. Julie thinks foster kids will be perfectly behaved children.

Lines of the week:
Roy to Beth "Is there ever an occasion where you consider thinking before you speak?"
Liz "Steve you should know by now that a woman always gets the last word in an argument. Anything after that is the start of a new one." (it is when Steve utters it!)
Beth to Liz "I hope I'm still fabulous when I'm your age" (it *was* a compliment, albeit left-handed)
Rita to Dennis "You should DREAM of the doghouse!"
Anna "Different people have different priorities" (and Faye isn't one of Tim's)
Tina to Tracy about her fling with David "Nearly put him off for life, said he had more fun in the post office queue"
Tracy about Tina "She's got a womb to rent, er, room to rent"
Peter "I like a cat fight as much as the rest of them"
Sally "We're not young and this is a nightmare" (but he'll talk her round)
Tracy "You have got a really mean streak, do you know that, Tina?" Tina "Must be like looking in the mirror" (ironic, much?)
Tracy to Tina "Why are you so obsessed with my life?" (It did seem like that)
Peter to Tina "Tracy is lethal. If you don't believe me, see Weatherfield Cemetery"
Dev "Tim. Man  up!" (snowball... hell)
Rob "This really is the Last Chance Saloon"
Sally "That isn't a lily of the valley freshener you can smell, it's desperation"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Poor episodes award: Fridays just seemed to be cobbled together and all over the place and frankly dull. The Roy and Hailey story are carrying Corrie at the moment

Most laughable exit award: Tommah rushing off in a huff just because David stayed, it was so contrived and not believable. Why not just get a message from Blackpool that his granny is ill?

Preposterous award: Peter who previously had absolutely nothing to do with Tina and is old enough to be her father is suddenly enamoured with the young chav that smashed HIS shop window. Yeah right A pathetic plot device and is just making him look a dirty old man. Perhaps he should swap his leather jacket for a Mac. Where is his stunning fiancé Рshe seems nowhere to be seen.

Even more preposterous award: This Tracy business is getting past all reason now – a terrible actress and a beyond hideous character, yet everyone just lets her get away with it over and over. Why is she kept on and on? Shakes head. This trash is not entertaining.

Becoming very unpleasant indeed award: Rita is being turned into a rather sour faced old bag. Always having a go at Dennis for one thing or another, in fact unless its Tina who she loves to throw money at – she doesn’t seem to like anyone these days.

Bloomin cheek award: It is not up to Gail whether David sees his daughter in HIS house. I just wish she would sling her hook with her sour milk face.

Just what you want to see award: Who would go into the supposedly upmarket Bistro and find a sour face scruffy pensioner like Gloria behind the bar? Nick may have allowed Stella to help out, but why is Gloria always in tow? Stupid.

Dullest couple award: A tie this week between Chesney and Sinead and Julie and Brian, the former could have been good characters but Julie’s constant rambling about adoption is boring me to death – we all know it aint gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Better hide that boobage Liz..why have they got her all covered up trying to look matronly. I loved Liz..she didn't give a toss what anyone thought of how she dressed. They are going to absolutely ruin this character if they try to rein her in.
Time to pack it in. Dennis needs to get shed of that old battle-axe of a Rita. She is right abusive to him. The way she talks to him - in front of everyone and he looks so sad. Does he not have a pension? Maybe he can rent a room off Diedre.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Liz has been in Spain for two years, mixing with an entirely new circle of people associated with the beauty spa. Hopefully, she's become a little more chic even tho' her personality will be much the same. It seems right that her dress sense won't be quite as brash as it used to be.

I do hope when Nick is back to full strength he sees the light and tells his mother to do one. She brought her sons up to be entirely self-adoring. There's spoiling children and then there's ruining them.

The Peter/Tina story already has an icky feel to it. We'll be glad to see the back of them by the time they leave.

Is it my imagination or are there cracks in Rob and Tracy's relationship? Please leave town, Tracy, and I don't even care if it's in a blaze of glory. Just go.

Anonymous said...

I was going to add my thoughts, but somehow Frostie has said them all! Ditto to everything. The Peter/Michelle plot is so contrived, it makes me cringe. Dreadful and unnecessary.
The Roy and Hayley story continues to break my heart. Splendid acting, and powerful lines, "This can't be it..." uttered by Roy. So moving, it makes up for the other contrived plots.

Anonymous said...

Talking about contrived..Dev offering Chesney a job as the manager of his kebab interview, just a quick 'by the's a job. I hardly know you from Adam, but you can run my kebab shop. Cheney..'aw, thanks Dev' as if they guy had handed him a packet of crisps. Dev looked positively maniacal with glee as Chesney skipped off to find Sinead. So sweet I had a toothache.

Clare said...

I am cringing already re the peter/tina sl. yes, frosty, where is carla?!

ChiaGwen said...

Why doesn't David just tell his Mom to clear off - it's his house now?
Confirmed Brain Damage Award: Nick wearing that hideous 2 sizes too small shirt with the pink collar again - buttoned up so tight - now that could cause more brain damage - no oxygen getting through.

Anonymous said...

For once I have to disagree with Frosty. I don't think many men would like their girlfriend moving in an ex and why would Tommy's Granny being ill lead to his permanent departure. I also like Gail, although she's been badly served by the scripts for a long time.

It was so nice to see Liz back in charge at the Rovers. Telling Tina that her behaviour reflected on the Rovers and threatening her with the sack was long overdue. St Ella would have just invited her into the back to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I keep up with Corrie via this website and all of the comments. I see that my reasons for no longer watching are still not resolved. When I read that Tracy is gone for good and Sophie has left for parts unknown I will return as a viewer. Getting rid of Stella was definately a step in the right direction, but not enough.


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