Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fans vote Richard Hillman as favourite Corrie villain

 Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Richard Hillman as their favourite villain. 286 voted and 93 (32.52%) voted for the charming financial advisor who murdered and attempted to murder many of the Street residents between 2001 and 2003 and he was nicknamed Tricky Dicky and Killman Hillman by the press.

Far behind in second place was Tony Gordon with 48 votes (16.78%). His reign of terror was between 2007 and 2010. In third place came Lewis Archer with 19 votes (6.64%). He charmed the ladies of Weatherfield between 2009 and 2012.

In fourth place came Terry Duckworth with 18 votes (6.29%). He stole from and lied to his parents and even sold his own son! Close behind with 17 votes (5.94%) came drug dealer Jez Quigley who made Steve McDonald and Leanne Tilsley's lives hell; and Kirsty Soames who manipulated and abused boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs.

Corrie's first proper villain Alan Bradley who made Rita's life hell in the late 80s came sixth with 15 votes (5.24%) while David Platt came seventh with 13 votes (4.55%). Hapless villain John Stape came eighth with 11 votes (3.85%)

Latest villain Karl Munro came ninth with 8 votes (2.8%) while bitch Tracy Barlow came tenth with 6 votes (2.1%). Cilla Battersby-Brown came eleventh with 4 votes (1.4%). Fraudster Jon Lindsay who made Deirdre Rachid's life hell in 1998 came twelfth with 3 votes (1.05%) while Maya Sharma, Charlie Stubbs and Frank Foster all received 2 votes (0.7%).

The following all received 1 vote (0.35%), although some are questionable: Greg Kelly, Kirk Sutherland, Katy Harris, Jim McDonald, Angela Harris, Hayley Cropper, Emily Bishop and Mike Baldwin.

Happy with the results? Leave your comments!

And if you haven't yet, you can vote for your favourite Corrie wedding here. Voting closes on Monday, 14th October at midnight.

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Anonymous said...

I agree about Richard Hillman. This blog gave my husband and I a huge laugh though. That Hailey, what a villain!

Jan from Canada

Anonymous said...

Hahahah Emily is one fine villian! I'd love to see a post about how Emily is a villian (Clinkers?)

Anonymous said...

Kirk's wanton destruction of turkeys was vile.
Hayley's crimes against fashion are too numerous to bear.
And Emily's reckless law-breaking at the Red Rec and at the proposed strip joint shows she has remorse.

Mad Hatter said...

How about Emily, who is meant to be some sweet old lady and a christian, went behind Norris' back in order to make sure he had to pay all the bills in the house, whilst she paid nothing. And yes, he covered up that whole thing with Freda giving her a book as a present, but isn't she meant to be all forgiveness? And the sly looks she gives Rita, another one I dislike.

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