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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Corrie Character profiles needed - can you help?

The great and wonderful website for all things Coronation Street is now under the umbrella of this blog and its sister Canadian-timeline blog, Bluenose Corrie Blog.

While a few of the areas of have been kept up to date, (spoilers and the episode updates), the character profiles have been sadly neglected as it's quite a lot of work for one person (that would be me) to keep it up to date. I do what I can!

I've spent a few hours lately updating the Character List pages, adding characters that are currently on the show but which do not have profiles at all. I've tidied up the main character list, leaving some classic and other favourites there but moving others to the full character list. Many of the regular characters haven't been updated in years. There's a "Main Character" index and one that has a list of all, or most of the characters that have ever appeared, even if only for short appearances. Some that are there used to be major characters but are not on the show any longer.

What we're asking for is for some of you trivia and Corrie history buffs to lend a hand in writing or updating character profiles. If you think you'd like to help out, here's what you should do:

Check the main character index, here. There's a link at the top of that page to the Full Character List. If there is a character name on either but no link to a profile page, it needs one. You can look at some of the others to see what others have written. If you can find birth dates, first and last appearances, names of parents or siblings or children, that's great. Check the profiles for other characters and see if they need to be updated. There are similar lists for actors that you can look at if you like but we're really just trying to get the character profiles up to date.

All you need to do is write a few paragraphs in an email and send it to and we'll put it in the proper template with a small head shot of the character and give you a writing credit. If we get more than one of the same character, the first one in gets the bulk of the credit but others may have included detail that the first one missed so that will be merged in and also credited.

PLEASE NOTE: While you can certainly use Wikipedia and Corrie Wiki for referencing dates and even storylines, Please Do Not copy and paste from those sites. Summaries in your own words only, please! It will be checked and if we find any copyright issues like that, the profile will not be used.

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

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What is that scene in the photo? Looks like Gail, but the hair seems too blonde?


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