Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mysteries of the Weatherfield Wayfarer

There's a great blog post (if you like buses and Corrie, which ahem, I do) on Mancunian1001's blog in which the Weatherfield Wayfarer is discussed.

Along with the Weatherfield Wayfarer, the blog post details of the Greater Manchester bus service which once serviced the now defunct Granada Studios Tour, a bus specially called "The GM Buses TV Special".

And I love this bit below about the Corrie bus itself, worth reprinting in full but do please read the full blog post at Mancunian1001.
"The Weatherfield Wayfarer
In Coronation Street, references to catching the bus had appeared in Corrie scripts since the start. On a negative note, a bus was party to the death of Ida Barlow in 1961. Also in the same year, Ena Sharples was left behind by mistake on the return leg of a Blackpool Illuminations trip. (Yes, I know she could have caught the X60 to Lower Mosley Street)."

The blogger is looking for those who drove of the GM Buses TV Special services, check it out here.

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