Thursday, 17 October 2013

Why Morrissey's script was knocked back by Coronation Street

Morrissey was a huge fan of Coronation Street and sent in a script for consideration, back in the day.

In his autobiography just released, he says this about sending in the script to Corrie: 

"I whip off a word-slinger's delight wherein young take on old as a jukebox is tested in the Rovers Return. Swords cross, heads bump and horns lock, and the episode fades with Violet Carson addressing the camera, one eyebrow arched, with, 'Do I really look like a fan of X-Ray Spex?'"

The script was not filmed. 

But he did interview Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner).

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John McE said...

I can think of one very good reason it was rejected. He's a smug, self-important prat (IMHO, of course)

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

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