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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Coronation Street weekly awards, Jan 28 - Feb 1

Judgemental Award: Loved the David and Kylie tag team.

Living in a dream world award: Tracy Barlow. What has she ever done to Steve? Where do we start?

Poison Pen award: Lewis made sure that Gail and Audrey wouldn't make it up. 

Adding Insult to Injury: Lewis' "Ti Amo" was for Audrey, not Gail. AND he repaid Audrey with Gail's cash!

I'll Show You Award: Is that really how you want to start a relationship, Jenna? By rubbing your mother's nose in it? Yeah, that's got "long term" written all over it. Not.

Like attracts Like award: Tracy and Rob really are two of a kind.

Dupe of the year: Gail. She fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Lines of the Week:
Gail "Is it the rota?" Nick "No. It's the Elgin Marbles"
Tracy to Steve "We can retrieve it (the marraige) if you can tear yourself away from that  poisonous homewrecking cow" (yeah, that'll win him over)
Fiz "John was complicated. Tyrone is simple"
Audrey to Gail "You put the idea (the doubts) into my head, you and the hag from the pub"
David "He's a conman, a gigolo, your mother's ex, can you set that bar any lower?"  Lewis "I'm no longer a gigolo"
Eileen about Lewis "He's a prostitute who ripped off your mother!"
Eileen to Lewis "I'd watch your back if i were you. When it comes to men, she's three dead and counting!"
Lewis "I'm just the latest man to fall in love with you" (bwahahaha he's sooooo slimy!)
Gail "I've had so much misery in my life can you blame me for grabbing at happiness?" (it's that misery that makes up your blinders)
Michelle "She's showing more teeth than Jaws"
Nick "He wore built up shoes?" Gail and Audrey "Yes"
Roy "Is that you, Mother?" Sylvia "It's the Dalai Lama, my robes are
in the wash"
Lewis about Gail "She'll never die of imagination"
Gail "What have I got to lose, Sal!?" (That's just sealed your fate)
Sophie "People round here have got better things to do than point and snigger"(you're new here?)

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Jenna and Sophie in the Bistro looked silly and unbelievable. 28 is no age, but Jenna and her Mum have been miscast for their roles, both looking older than their years. It really does matter what people look like together on screen and I hope SB has serious words with the casting director. Back to the storyline, naturally that's what you would do on a tricky first 'date', go the local bistro and naturally that's what Mum and Dad would do if they walked into the restaurant. Absolutely, go and sit at the next table and have a four way conversation. Very stylish.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Mother of the year award: Gail behaved appallingly and everyone was enjoying watching her downfall and her squirming BUT that £9k WAS hers from the STOLEN money. For Audrey to snatch it back after Gail had been duped and lost all that money irrespective of whether she was after her EX boyfriend or not was very hard faced of her.

Best characters of the week award: David and Kylie really are a really great couple and “weaselly” David’s one liners even make Frosty crack a smile.

Worst characters of the week award: The too gruesomely tiresome for words Jenna and Sawfie, holding hands along the Cobbles and going to the only restaurant in Manchester on a Friday night – oh so conveniently sat next to Mandy and hapless Lloyd for more sniping – these two bore me to smithereens - enough already!!!

Bank of the year award: The story ending was very satisfying and some people do of course write their passwords down in diaries. Funny that Gail was said by Nick to be so forgetful but remembered the old surgery password so she could snoop on Natasha. Of course no bank would make sudden transfers in such large amounts on the strength of such an easy password without first checking these days. But I suppose we have to have some poetic licence.

Back from her travels award Quite glad to see Sylvie back but would like to see her become close to Roy and not putting him down or taking advantage of him at every opportunity. She needs to turn that frown upside down.

One of the best endings on the Cobbles: Lewis – a perfect ending but please leave it at that – an ending. Hoiking him back for an unbelievable third time would just spoil it and he has burnt his bridges now unless Audrey was going to do an exit story which she wont be.

Anonymous said...

Rubbing salt in the wound..
David to Gail..You have him 40G and you didn't even sample the goods?"

This episode what loaded with great one liners..esp 'weasel' David..pans to David's 'weasel-like face'.

Oh and the olive supplier would have accepted the olives back - if they wanted to stay in business.

CanadianLovesCorrie said...

Ah, David and his one liners... his true calling on the Street.

I for one was thrilled to hear Audrey refusing to return money to Gail. Sure, their stolen proceeds but if anyone on the Street deserved to be snubbed and financially punished it's Gail. I love to hate her and this storyline has ended brilliantly. I can hardly wait to see what she does next! :)

Newfy Pearl said...

How presumptuous of think she could have the $9,000 back. She had no feeling whatsoever for Audrey....I am glad that Audrey did not play the sucker!
The writers have turned Gail into a joke.

ChiaGwen said...

Brilliant one-liners throughout this episode - absolutely fabulous writing! Fitting ending for Gail and Lewis and some comfort for Audrey that he truly did love her. Well done.

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