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Monday, 2 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 2nd December

Ty is taking pics of Hope (and Ruby)'s first day back at school for his Facebook Friends Connect page, whilst Jade is sulking furiously in the corner. Fiz gives her a bonus and an emotional speech, but Jade slams out of the house. See ya! Wouldn't want to be John Stape's mysteriously never mentioned before daughter ya! Fiz says Hope has to catch up with her maths and starts some after school tutoring, which Hope refuses to do unless Fiz buys her a new tablet. Later, Hope video calls Jade, proving that whilst she can't add up, Hope is at least techno-savvy.

Emma, wearing an unsuitable off the shoulder jumper for the weather, gives Amy a pep-talk on performance as she's forgotten her first line for Bugsy Malone and is throwing a wobbly. Why doesn't she just check the script? Anyway,Elle Mulvaney. is a professional actor, she should be OK. Emma herself is stressing about her date with Seb. She's already had a date with him hasn't she? Back before Alina Pop, he and Emma had a date, just before he realised he still loved Fay(e). I presume Alina Pop is going to return to put a spoke in the Seb/Emma (Semma?) wheel. For the date, Emma has changed, looking like she's one of the Plastics (On Monday, we wear pink! A lot of pink). Seb has ordered them a couple of hotpots even though Emma is trying to be vegetarian ("I'll pick the meat out"). Isn't it about time the Rovers did a veggie hotpot? In honour of Betty Driver at least. They do the questions for the Rovers quiz and he finds out she's an Iron Maiden fan (!) Sean gives Emma some mistletoe deely-boppers and the cute twosome share a Christmas kiss.

Peter and Carla pop 'round Daniel's with food and find him calling the police on speed-dial to try to get the laptop back. Finally, Craig brings it back as it's not necessary for the investigation (I'm pretty sure it would be as it's the only evidence against Evil Kel (the burglary case anyway)). Daniel hovers over the play button on one of Sinead's videos, but he just can't do it. Top tip Daniel: back it up! back it up!

Michelle and Robert hold a kind of wedding rehearsal in the Bistro, telling Johnny and Jenny and Ali and Ryan that they are getting married tomorrow (i.e Wednesday), which everyone's happy about (except Jenny who's bought a 50th birthday present already) until Vicky turns up to tell him she's going to take him for everything he's got. Another one! Vicky and Michelle should team up really, otherwise there's not going to be much of Robert's riches left. Michelle thinks on her feet and suggests Robert signs over the Bistro to her to keep Vicky's mitts off of it. But if they got married, wouldn't it be a joint asset anyway? She runs over to her pet solicitor Adam (I do hope he's going to bill her for all their little chats) to get him to draw up the paperwork, which Robert duly signs. Michelle then manipulates Robert into going to see Vicky to tell her to stay away from the nuptials. Vicky refuses, throws mugs at him, there's a crash off screen, and then silence. He returns home and tells Michelle that Vicky definitely won't be at the wedding. I guess that least if this is not the beginning of the end of this storyline, it's at least the end of the beginning.

And finally, Roy finds some unpaid bills at Richard's. Nina and Roy start to bond over a shared love of bats, but later she refuses his offer of financial help. One step forward, two steps back, Roy, and I'm not just talking about Richard's infirmity.

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CK said...

Michelle and Vicky must be plotting together, how else would Vicky know to show up at the Bistro at the wedding announcement? The overreacting flinches when Robert touched her as if to say he's dangerous and Michelle threatening to go and have it out with Vicky? It must be a cunning plan to get Robert to sign the Bistro over to Michelle. I like it.

maggie muggins said...

Those were my thoughts too, CK. But is it just a red herring, with yet another twist coming up? And why does Robert's hair contain even more product than usual? It looks like a character in its own right.


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