Sunday, 1 December 2019

Lancashire Blues or Capri? Mystery of the Corrie theme tune

DJ Paul Gambaccini
Now then, I always thought - because I was told by Someone Who Knows - that the real name for the Coronation Street theme tune by Eric Spear was called Capri. This was because Capri was the location where the theme tune was written all those decades ago.

But last night, I was listening to the honeyed tones of DJ Paul Gambaccini in the final of BBC Radio 4's wide-ranging music quiz, Counterpoint. And what I heard confused me.

In the radio quiz, one of the questions in the Soaps and SitComs round was this:

Lancashire Blues is a very familiar theme in British TV and was composed by Eric Spear in 1960. It is the theme of which British soap opera?

The answer of course, was Coronation Street.  But hang on a minute! Lancashire Blues? I thought it was called Capri? Can anyone confirm?

Listen to it here - the bit I refer to begins at 19 minutes and 45 seconds.

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MichaelAdamsUk said...

Never heard it called Capri - always Lancashire Blues!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading it was Capri in a book by an ex-producer - but I can't remember which one.

Anonymous said...

What i was told by someone who worked in the production office in 1960 - Lancashire Blues is the official title however when someone said that the composer was working on it whilst holidaying on an island there was much conjecture as to which island he was on and the team referred to it as 'Capri' as they decided that's where he was. They were wrong - he was actually on one of the Channel Islands, where he lived (Guernsey I think). So 'Capri' was the unofficial name they used.

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