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Monday, 2 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 29 November 2018

First up thanks to Ms Kelstar for holding the fort whilst I was away.  There has been a lot of watching to catch up, hence being a little late.

Emma and Amy are getting a real opportunity to develop a decent relationship as sisters until the spectre of Fiona appeared on the horizon when Morgan (remember him - Steve used to change his nappies, father Alan McKenna of Weatherfield CID) turned up to say that Fiona had paid for them to fly down under for eight weeks for Christmas (above).  However Steve has made a Christmas stocking with an "E" embroidered on it and she starts having second thoughts about going, telling Steve later that she is staying in Weatherfield.

Do you remember the Kursall Flyers "Little does she know that I know that she knows"?  Anyway even if you don't we are currently in the unreal zone (like the undead zone but more believable) as Michelle is pretending that everything is fantastic and she really, really wants to marry Robert (whom she can hardly bear to touch her) and so the wedding plans are at the max even if everyone thinks it is for Robert's fiftieth birthday (although the Coronation Street wiki says he was born on 22/10/71 apparently he will be 50 in December).  Ray Crosby has decided to drop his lawsuit - which leaves Michelle wondering what new horror he will impose on them.  (Is it me or should Ray Crosby have been played by Jim Moir/Vic Reeves?).  Michelle consults Adam and is told there is no legal way she can get her mitts on Robert's Bistro (as if Michelle would handle anything of Robert's at the moment!).  Michelle lets Carla in on the wedding secret plan. Robert lies telling Michelle that Vicky knows about Ruari and has not therefore been around to rub her pregnant belly in front of Michelle.  He claims she was told when working at the factory.  Robert then does a U turn and suggests that they tell everyone about the wedding with Steve and Amy getting the first invitation.  So Michelle and Carla start plotting (above where Michelle knows he is lying about Ruari). 

We now know that Jade Rowan is Hope Stape's half sister and it is fair to say the Evelyn is not taken in by her oscar winning performance when she snaffles the official letter confirming that Hope can start at Bessie Street next week.  However the letter had been wrongly delivered to the shop Leading to Brian redelivering it and recognising the external printing knows it is from the Education Authority.  (Oddly Bessie Street is not an academy).  Brian then asks about the content and Jade has to make the missing letter re-appear.  Fiz thanks her and tells her that her job is at an end.  Jade breaks a photo frame in her anger which leads to Hope cutting her finger on the broken glass.  At the medical centre Dr Gaddas bandages it whilst Jade uses it as an opportunity to imply that Fiz is not a perfect mother.  Later Jade arranges to do a final child sitting session and pops out (leaving Hope alone) to get Hope a burner phone so that the two of them can stay in touch secretly as "Best Friends Forever".

In a minor story Tim refuses to use Tiny as a reindeer as Steve spotted a Christmas sideline.  In another minor story Mary and Seb are putting up Christmas lights and it would appear that Seb is starting to fancy the pants off Emma inviting her to lunch on Monday.

Roy is coming to terms with the inadequacy of care in the home when the carer, Chantelle, withdraws her services after Roy complains about her timekeeping and cutting corners.  Nina (described by Carla as "Pride and Prejudice meets Bride of Frankenstein") tells Roy what his interfering has achieved.  Roy ups Aggie's hours so that he can spend more time caring for Richard and enable Nina to return to college.  He does however point out that Aggie is still in training (above), leading Evelyn to observe that it would be better to employ someone who can cook, although when challenged she says she is glad to be off the "hook"!

Written by Damon Alexis-Rochefort and directed by Ian Barber.  I have noted some new director names recently so hopefully we will see a few new interpretations and views of the Street.


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Anonymous said...

Why do people always have lunchtime dates on Corrie? Are they not allowed out after dark?

Tashacat said...

Has Aggie given up working at the pharmacy? How would she be able to do both?


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