Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Tim and Sophie dig dirt on Duncan

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and Tim and Sophie discover that Duncan’s critically ill in hospital. Tim admits to Sophie that he gave chase and Duncan was hit by a van and he left him for dead. Sophie goes to the hospital where she’s stunned to find May. 

Making out she’s a neighbour, Sophie tells May that Duncan has been moved to another hospital and offers to drive her there. Taking a photo, Sophie tells Tim she’s got May in the car and she’s their bargaining chip. Tim heads to the hospital on a mission, showing Duncan the picture of May he suggests from now on he’ll do as he’s told. 

Meanwhile, Sally sits in her cell, horrified by the arrival of new cell mate Marcia who pulls out a knife and lunges at Sally!

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C in Canada said...

I hope the emergence of Duncan's wife means that Sally will soon be freed - I don't want to see this drag on and on (and on).

coconno196 said...

Does Sophie suddenly have a car? When did she learn to drive?

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