Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review - New Year's Eve

*rattling chains* Helloooooo it's the ghost of 2018 here to take you through New Year's Eve Corrie; sorry this review was not up on the blog yesterday - I was too busy exorcising the spirit of the old year (and lying in bed all day today wishing that I hadn't).

Love is in the air (or is it the drains) for three couples on the cobbles to(last)-night. Firstly, the ghosts of Xmas past (Dev and Kirk) are trying to put right their lies to Peter about the spooker, I mean snooker hall being haunted. In scenes reminiscent of the Corrie episode of Most Haunted, the gruesome twosome are trapped in the green baize-lit snooker hall with a projection of the black ball butcher chasing them down. The two run out, Dev making bizarre kazoo noises. I think the eeriest thing was gin costing £1.50 on the old snooker hall price list.

Having enacted his revenge, Peter turns the lights on to reveal Carla operating the machinery behind the scenes. And they would've got away with it if it hadn't been for those pesky Corrie writers! Carla disses the hall, dubbing it a ming-hole and a money pit and challenges Peter to a a few frames - if she wins, he has to give up his new business. It's Carla "the cyclone" Connor taking on Peter "the squall" Barlow  - but will it be a whirlwind romance? He tells her they should be together, and tries to make a move. I know these scenes are supposed to be sexy, but really, Peter comes across as a sex pest, not taking no for an answer. He has to make do with a chaste kiss on the forehead from Ms Connor as Big Ben bongs.

There's more meloRana as Imogen turns up in the Rovers where Kate is working, since J&J are short-staffed, what with running down one of their employees. To be fair, although Rana and Kate spend most of their time rowing in the Rovers or having meltdowns in the medical centre, rather than canoodling in Canal Street, I imagine the lesbian scene in Manchester is reasonably small and it makes sense that they would bump into Imogen again. The redhead from Friday's episode seemed nice, maybe Rana should track her down on the socials rather than trailing after Kate and her crazy womb again? Anyway, Rana runs after Kate and Imogen in a taxi, the poor cabbie has to do an emergency stop and  #Kana is back back back on: fireworks explode as the couple kiss.

Everyone but Gail (and Audrey) knows that the ex-Dick Dastardly of the Street, Lewis, is actually plotting to take Aud away to the Dominican Republic (perhaps he should've bought the Tenerife holiday from Eileen instead), but Audrey doesn't believe all of his lies and storms off. There's no kiss or fizz for Gail as Lewis catches her outside at midnight and threatens her if she doesn't stop interfering. I'm sorry that Nigel Lewis isn't going to be back every time his panto commitments allow, but every charmer must meet a sticky end.

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