Thursday, 10 May 2018

Corrie fans in chaos in New Zealand

It's a cofusing time to be a Coronation Street fan in New Zealand right now.

Corrie fans there are up in arms as the TV station which shows Corrie is jumping forward a whopping 18 months in the storyline to catch up with the UK timeline.

This means that Kiwi fans will miss out on a whole year and a half of Coronation Street episodes.

For viewers wanting to be brought up to date, a two-hour special will screen on Sunday, June 10, recapping key storylines across the 18-month lag.

The leap forward means it will be the first time in Corrie's 54-year run on New Zealand television that it has been so up to date.

I hope that what this might mean is that we have a lot more New Zealand fans coming in to visit us here at the Coronation Street Blog - and if that's the case - then a massive big HELLO to you all!

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Louise said...

I've been reading this blog for years and I am from NZ. It's always so informative. I'm not too worried that we are missing 18 months but it will be good to be not so far behind the UK.... until the next rugby world Cup or Olympics comes along!!

Crissy said...

Hi from kiwiland. Very excited to finally catch up, but so sad to miss 18 mths of a programme I have followed for 50 years. Going to be a bit weird for awhile. ������

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada, CBC doubled up on episodes for a few months, so we got an hour a day or Corrie Street. We weren’t 18 months behind but we were about 6 months behind. That strategy allowed everyone to keep watching while the network caught up to the UK.

Smiley said...

Have always been following your blog even if our time is out of sync! :)

Rapunzel said...

I’ve found a way to watch up to date UK episodes since 2012. The only downside was that I couldn’t discuss Corrie with other Kiwis who lagged behind. Thankfully though, I found this blog at around the same time. I will ensure that I will now send all my Kiwi friends this way.

Oh and by the way, TVNZ is also going to keep screening the programmed from 18 months ago during the day so that people can see the episodes in between. When I first skipped to UK eps, I still continued to watch in NZ until I bridged the gap. It was a Corrie-saturating 2 years (they were VERY behind then) but well worth it.

Tom Gray said...

They are going to miss months and months of Andy in the cellar. They do not know how lucky they are. They are going to miss Phelan and most of Kate Oates' ridiculous story lines. There should be rejoicing in the streets

Anonymous said...

As someone else mentioned here in Canada the CBC doubled up so that we got an hour a day for quite a few months. I have to say that even though I consider myself a devout follower, at times it was a bit overwhelming dedicating that much time to a show. But I did and once it was over, a single show a day didn’t seem to be enough :) I honestly don’t know what I would have done if they had just cut out the 6 or 8 months we were behind.

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