Sunday, 13 May 2018

Antony Cotton signs up for another year on Corrie

Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully in Coronation Street, has signed up to stay with the soap for another 12 months.

In an interview with The Mirror today, they exclusively reveal Antony's contract extension. So that's good news for Antony/Sean fans.

I'd like to see a bit more of Sean to be honest, and I still think Corrie missed a trick not letting us see behind the scenes more than they did when Sean was living with Norris. 

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Louby said...

I'm happy to read this but I really hope that he will get some good storylines. Let him be lucky in love at last!

Anonymous said...

I agree Louby, Sean/Antony gets too much stick on social media.

Anonymous said...

I thought Sean had disappeared I haven't seen him in ages. When we did see him he only said a line or two. So if they have renewed Anthony's contract surely they must give him more to do.

abbyk said...

I’m with you, FN, in missing him. Campy scene stealer tho he may be, he has also been a good friend to many over the years. And yes, we should have gotten to see life with him and Norris. I can’t remember where he’s living now. Hopefully there will be an opening or two at the Rovers and Peter remembers how good he (usually) was there.

Anonymous said...

At least when Sean is behind the bar he works. Unlike Sara who runs home every five minutes to deal with a family crisis. I can't believe she still works there!

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