Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Kirk kisses Sharon

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and Kirk’s new friend Sharon gets a little too friendly for his liking.

Kirk meets up with Sharon for a dog training session but when he mentions Beth, Sharon’s jealousy is evident although Kirk remains oblivious. Later, Sharon gives Kirk a bag of her ex-husband’s old clothes and Kirk agrees to accompany Sharon on a shopping expedition.

Back from their shopping trip Sharon hands Kirk an expensive shirt and kisses him on the cheek. Then Sharon lures Kirk to Speed Daal, making out she has a blind date and needs a bodyguard. Once there she claims her date has stood her up.

Panicked Kirk rushes home telling Beth he’s had enough of Sharon and her dog and he’s going to call it a day. But Beth won’t hear of it, adamant that they need the money.

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