Thursday, 31 May 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 30 May

This week has been a gripping one so far. And blogging this middle episode is fun, because anyone who has seen the previous two will realise, it's all about to kick off. 

Phelan is tied up, but like a raging dino in Jurassic World or King Kong on Skull Island, the ropes will be flung off at some point. 

We begin with Kevin worried about "Our Jack", who was out playing but has not been since. Yesterday, Michelle was talking about how quiet she had become, as life was not worth it. Tonight? She is kicking off at Steve because he dared to question her intentions. And he tried to drop boring Robert in it. 

Our Jack chats to Phelan and the devious one offers him a tenner. The little lad wants the money first. Nicola is having cosy time with her new baby and granny Eileen. Does this mean the wolf will appear and ruin this tranqulity. 

Sarah Lou admits to Gary who killed Callum in an attempt to stop the fool turning into Jason Bourne or Dirty Gary (a Clint Eastwood spoof, not Fifty Shades of Cobbles!) but I am not convinced it will work.

Gary arrives and sees Jack attempting to set Phelan free. Be and Sarah Lou get Jack to leave and ask him to keep it all a secret. Phelan looks powerful Sat in a chair helpless. He has become Hannibal Lector. 

Shona has been on a one woman mission to get the truth out there. She tells Alya that David was raped and that the perpetrator was Josh. Meanwhile Flora lies to the nursing home and tells them that she is in fact dead. She wants to stay at Daniel's, that's for sure. 

At Chez Connor, the hens are getting ready. And the brothers grimm turn up and start squabbling. MIchelle mentions that this should be the happiest day of her life. Meanwhile her Dullard hubby to be looks really miserable. Don't marry him, Michelle. Call it off! 

Shona speaks to Alya in depth about Josh's despicable actions. Alya cannot believe that her Josh did this. Clearly there are attachment issues here, as she mourned Luke, as if they were married 30 years. Believe it, you barely knew him. 

Phelan winds Gary up and he bites. I am laughing because I like many, have grown to like Phelan. All those who have tried to catch him have been as a dumb as a ditch. 

Talking of daft, Rosie has a genius idea. By your standards, this will not her her on Mastermind. It involves drugs. 

Gary and Sarah Lou watch Phelan as he lay on the floor and Gary gets his carpet tape out. Sarah is probably having flashbacks at this point to the body under the floorboards. 

Rob has a mardy and says he is not getting married. When Daniel asks him why, he says ask Steve. The Scooby doo attempt by Gary back fires and Phelan hits him over the head and escapes. With no groom at the wedding, methinks a different guest might be arriving. 

Phelan is now waving a gun and Gary is now the victim, along with Sarah Lou. He asks for Nicola and his grandson.

The wedding stuff was a tad boring tonight, as I have never really bought these two as.a couple. But the Phelan stuff bubbling under, alongside David's plight has been inspired. Connor McIntyre has clearly been having a blast and I'll be sad to see him go. 

Enjoy the rest of the week. Go Phelan!

By Glenn Meads

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Jan said...

I really am not bothered about the Phelan storyline at all now. It was quite gripping a few months ago but it really should have been finished by now. After watching the excellent, moving scene in Tuesday's episode when David was talking to the police to go back to Phelan seemed a real let down.

Anonymous said...

2 more episodes that's all, then you get your wish

Newfy Pearl said...

With Alya's personality, she will probably not believe Shona. Ironic as she hates Eileen who did not believe Anna about the same thing. Too bad we could not keep Zedan and say goodbye to Alya. lol

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