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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Helen Flanagan interview: Rosie in drugs plot shock

How does Rosie find herself back in her ex boyfriend Antonie’s orbit?
She hears that there’s a modelling job going at the factory and Rosie thinks she’s perfect for it. Her agent won’t put her up for it so Rosie’s feeling a bit down but Rosie’s become really good friends with Gemma and she says come on I’ll pretend I’m your agent, we’ll go in there and you can strut your stuff. So Rosie swans into the factory being all modelly, Gemma’s pretending to be her agent and she gets the job. But then she sees Antonie’s name on the call sheet and it all turns sour. He was her boyfriend in LA, who planted drugs on her when she flew back to Weatherfield and got her in a lot of trouble. He’d told her they were just sweet treats for his friend and because Rosie’s very naive she believed him.

Does she contemplate backing out of the shoot when she realises that Antoine will be there?
Rosie’s very nervous, she doesn’t know whether she should go back the next day for the job, he’s a drug dealer after all and anyone in their right mind would run a mile, especially after she lost all his drugs in the end! Really she should back out of the shoot but instead Rosie decides she wants this job and she’ll front it out.

On the day Rosie smells a rat and finds herself in the middle of other drugs plot, what happens?
When she turns up at the photo shoot she clocks that the other model on the shoot is hanging round Antoine and they’re going out together. She basically susses out that he has done a very similar thing to Olivia that he did to her, he’s planted drugs on her.

Instead of going to the police Rosie decides to play Antoine at is own game...what’s her plan?
So Rosie pals up with Olivia, tells her what Antoine did to her and she’s mortified to realise she has drugs planted in her bag just like Rosie said. Rosie has a brainwave to substitute the drugs for icing sugar and give these to the drug dealers instead and mess up Antoine’s arrangement, then plant the real drugs on Antoine so that when he goes back to LA he gets caught. What could possibly go wrong?!

So does Rosie’s plan work out?
Of course it doesn’t go to plan and Antoine catches Rosie and Gemma in the act and they end up in a bit of trouble.

After a lot of drama there ends up being a drugs bust at the factory and Rosie gets invited to go on This Morning. How does Rosie react to her TV appearance?
It basically makes her life, it’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to Rosie.

Was it fun to film?
It was really fun to film. Everybody loves Holly and Phil, whenever I’ve met them they’ve been so kind. I think everyone will enjoy watching the scenes they’re very funny, it was great going on the show in character as Rosie rather than as Helen.

Do you enjoy playing Rosie?
I love playing her, and I’ve loved being back at Coronation Street doing the comedy storylines. I think they’ve played out so well alongside the big dramatic storylines with Phelan, David and Aidan.

What did you think of Rosie’s departure storyline?
It’s so much fun, it’s very typically Rosie. I’ve really enjoyed doing all the comedy since I’ve been back, and the great thing about this storyline is it leaves it open for me to come back after maternity leave.

You’re going on maternity leave now, how have you hidden your bump on screen?
Lots of floaty dresses that fall really well over the bump, using different angles and hiding it with Rosie’s big pink handbags! 

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