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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Corrie weekly update - Adventures in Abergele

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Eileen’s a woman in a bit of a state. She gets crank phone calls, and removal men turn up at the house to take her furniture away. When she questions them, they tell her someone called Pat booked the move. Then fireworks go off in Eileen’s upstairs (that’s not a euphemism) and Nicola falls down the stairs with the shock. She’s rushed to hospital and gives birth to a baby boy. Mother and baby are well but Eileen’s not best pleased to find out that it was young Faye giving her a hard time with the phone calls and whatnot, as Faye takes revenge on Eileen for getting her mam Anna banged up in jail.  

Meanwhile, Gary figures out that Pat Phelan’s hiding out in a caravan in Abergele in Wales. He takes his army mate and the two of them go on maneouvres in a man-van and hunt Phelan down.

Robert has a heart attack this week after his steroid abuse and punishing exercise routine leaves him weak. Even a heart attack, even dressing up as Freddie Mercury on his stag night, doesn’t make Robert any less dull for this fan I’m afraid. The other stags dressed up were Steve as Boy George, Daniel as Jarvis Cocker (he’d have made a better David Bowie if you ask me) and Michelle’s lads Ali and Ryan as Noel and Liam Gallagher.  

Zeedan left this week, fed up to the back teeth with Rana and Kate. As soon as I find out what number bus he got, I’ll be following on.

Over at the garage, Fiz is jealous of the friendship brewing between Tyrone and new girl Abi. But when Fiz has her man friend Kim to stay at the house, Tyrone gets jealous of that too. It’ll all end in tears.

Elsewhere, Shona hunts down a lad who used to work with Josh, certain that the lad was raped by Josh too. She’s intent on bringing Josh down and will stop at nothing until her work is done. David’s up in court for battering Gary Windass and is given a suspended sentence.  When Josh chats to Max and David finds out, he threatens Josh in Roy’s Rolls and the two lads have a fight. 

And finally this week, Gemma gets Rosie a modelling job at Underworld. But when Rosie sees the agent’s name on the call sheet and recognizes him as Antoine, her ex, who dumped a bag of drugs on her when she came back from America, well, she’s not best pleased.

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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Anonymous said...

Fiz is such a nasty character. It doesn't help when the acting is so bad.

coconno196 said...

She never used to be nasty, she was a sparky teenager.

abbyk said...

Fiz was lively and creative. Remember her wacky handbags (the teapot!) and the colorful kids clothing line she proposed to Carla? She should be the fun mom, doing factory scrap crafts and puppet shows with the kids, not shrieking and fuming. I do wonder, tho, about Kim. Don’t remember much but he seemed nice enough in his last go around. Could he be a new luv interest for Sean?

Louby said...

A good week of drama, but did we really need to go through the "will the baby be okay?" drama yet again? It was a similar story with Suzie just a few weeks ago. When was the last normal, in hospital birth?


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