Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Emancipation of David Platt

To say that the last few years have been tough on David Platt would be an understatement.

Even by soap standards (and being part of the 'cursed' Platt family), he's had a tumultuous time. Following the death of his wife on the cobbles, David has fallen for the mother of her killer, watched as his niece descended into the midst of a sexual exploitation ring, and nearly burnt Anna Windass to a crisp, in a suicidal revenge plot.

However, he has also recently managed to go from a rebellious wild child, jail stints, and pushing his mother down the stairs, to becoming an honest hard-working father.

Without a strong male role model in his life, (the brief reappearance and departure of Martin Platt, cemented thus) it was easy to see how David could quickly become accustomed to a 'bromance' with mechanic newcomer Josh. Although appearing innocent, to begin with (I and the Mrs immediately liked Josh), what was to follow in their relationship, was shocking and I think the worst thing that's ever happened to David.

The storyline has been implicit in opening up discussion regarding male mental health and Jack P Shepherd has been consistently brilliant. Coupled with the tragic demise of Aidan Conner, David rallied against his own feelings of suicide, ably assisted and embraced by the real shining light in his life... Shona. Even David's brief romance with ditzy Emma has done little to dispel Shona's devotion.

As #PhelansRevenge comes to its fruition this week, we will also see David admit his recent assault to his family. Finally releasing weeks of anger and unpredictable behaviour, I think we will see a new side to David in future episodes. Josh will be locked up soon, but will David finally be free of all this trouble?.

Coronation Streets recent storylines on male mental health has caused a plethora of positive social media activity and discussion. It can only be lauded.

I just thought I'd put my musings on this subject, online.  Have you enjoyed the recent 'issue led' stories or have you been in the 'too dark' camp?.

Let us know your thoughts!.

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JennyMac said...

Such great acting. I applaud Jack Shepherd for his portrayal of a really difficult subject. I do hope he and Shona stay together, they are such a good pairing.

Anonymous said...

Being raped was the worst thing? He was driven into a canal by a serial killer as a kid. He suffered greatly when Tina aborted his baby. He had his wife die a violent death in his arms. I am curious as to why you think being raped was worse than these other things.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (16:59) Maybe because he can grief about it openly and talk about it? Being rape, he had to go through the grieving stage alone.

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