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Monday, 21 May 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 21st May

Guess who's back? As well as the silent calls, a mysterious figure has booked a house clearance chez Grimshaw and given them a key. There are crank calls on the switch, Eileen's locked in to the cab office and then....Pat's voice on her mobile phone. Steve calls the police who reckons that someone has recorded Pat's ansaphone message and played it down the phone to Ei. Eileen accuses Alya, who denies it, and she returns to the house to find a brick through the window. We end with a shot of a hooded Faye lurking in the ginnel. This is the second time we've been fooled by this (the first time when Abi was trying to break in) and, to be honest, this storyline would play better if we hadn't seen Phelan sewing up his wounds in the B&B in Ireland.

Meanwhile, the Stape-Dobbs clan is still estranged, but Fiz is keeping an eye on Abi. I wonder if the green eyed monster (sorry; I know that's no way to refer to Fiz) will bring F&T back together? Not yet though, Fiz is outraged that the kids may be around a heroin addict and gets Hope to spy on her. Um, Fiz was married to a serial killer, maybe a little tolerance?

Rana, Kate and Zee are conspiring to keep a lid on the assault on Phil, the rapey man. Rana uses her medical connections at the hospital to find out that he's not going to die, but the po-po come 'round to talk to them and Kana deny that they saw him in the alleyway. Phil has identified his attacker as "an Asian man", and Zeedan, fed up of everything, tells his family that he's packing in the restaurant and leaving for good. That was quick! Eva's leaving story has played out over nine months and is still coming to a head and Zeedan's is over in two episodes? Only the Nazir women left now.

Michelle is playing her two boys - she hasn't told Ryan#3 that she's back speaking to Ali#2 and she hasn't told Ali that Ryan#3 is coming to the wedding. Robert quite rightly refuses to sort this out for Chelle. He has other things on his mind, namely a heart attack just before the end of the first episode. Robert admits both previous heart palpitations and his steroid use to the doctor, who tells him that he may have weakened his heart. Michelle uses the hospital visit to get her self-righteousness off her chest, showing her general intolerance of weakness in anyone else. Michelle, lovey, you stole £10,000 from your own business: you are a criminal, chuck. Yes, it was to clear up Robert's gambling debt, but no-one asked her to do this. Robert promises to stop lying, but Michelle tells him he's in the last chance saloon.

Shona uses her smarts and utilises her flatmate's desire to start a post-addiction training regime to find out the name of the gym that Josh used to frequent in order to dig dirt, but she later admits to David that she didn't find anything useful. Not yet, anyway.

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