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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 16th of May 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and we are back in double episode review territory.

As last weeks horrific chain of events continues to reverberate around the street, things aren't getting any easier for the Connor clan.

Michelle, having already made Robert aware of Aidan's will, has decided to cancel her wedding. Johnny's health is becoming seriously affected by the loss of his son and Jenny seems helpless. Michelle decides she needs to tell Carla of the Will and its implications.

Summer, however, offers a shred of hope to Jenny with a 'Speak and Save' local mental male health campaign in Aidan's name.

Maybe David could get behind the plan if he is ever released?.

Residing on bail in jail and ahead of his guilty plea, Shona shows resilience and promises to fight for David.

Back at the factory, Carla's grief returns to the surface and explodes in a venomous vocal outburst at Alya. As Carla cannot stand her factory cohort, its only right (and in true Corrie fashion) that Alya is the sole beneficiary of Aidan's Will and the factory!

Losing a brother has hit Carla hard enough, but surely she won't lose her factory?.  We can fear not. Jenny, Carla, and Michelle will become 'Johnny Angels'. A trio taking the fight to Alya, albeit one she doesn't even know exists yet!.

In other news, Tyrone's 'wind man' gives Rita the willies, Zeedan gets the wrong idea about Rana, and Yasmeen decides to divorce Sharif!

Anyway, that's me done for another week. I'm @rybazoxo your self-styled 'Cobbles Connoisseur'

Keep an eye out for @GlennWrites and his 8.30pm episode synopsis.


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Anonymous said...

Is it only a year since Sharif left? I'm sure that's what Yasmeen said last night. It seems much longer than that.

Hate the way Johnny is treating Jenny at the moment. I know he's grieving, but even so, there's no need for it. Well done her for sticking with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS...what about Flora and her cohorts? Shades of Ena, Minnie and Martha or what? LOL

Jan said...

I know for the purposes of the story that they need Carla to not like Alya, but can anyone tell me why she hates her so much? I cannot recall Alya doing anything that would prompt such venom.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need another fundraiser? We only just had one in aid of Luke. No mention of any money raised from that violent debacle being put to good use.

Smiley said...

How many fundraisers do you see happening in the real life? I am sure there is more than one.

Anonymous said...

i also feel sorry for Jenny who's remembering her own son's death and is trying her best to support her husband.
I hope Aidan's suicide doesn't become all about Michelle.
I'm relieved she was sensible and cancelled the wedding for now but I think it's a bit contrived that Michelle,not Johnny,Jenny or Kate is the one who finds the Will and instead of telling Johnny or Kate about it keeps it to herself and Robert.
I would have preferred if Carla was the one who found the WILL instead.
I have a bad feeling that Aidan's death will become more about Michelle's feelings than anyone else's

Catsmom said...

@Anonymous, I was wondering how Michelle became privy to Aidan's will while none of his family is. So yeah it's another contrived happening.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It might be the turning point in Jenny's struggle to be accepted by the Connor family. She will fight tooth and claw for Johnny and, by association, all the Connors when Carla and Michelle have run out of energy. Off the point, we saw a deaf couple, signing in the Bistro. As someone with very poor hearing, I was delighted to see them in the background rather than as a storyline issue. I've read that the extras were deaf actors. Btw, it's Deaf Awareness Week so well done, Corrie.

Anonymous said...

She found it in a box of Aidan's belongings whilst trying to find a photograph to use for the paper. Nothing contrived at all. If Carla had looked in that box, she'd have found it

Tilly Flop said...

I looke that touch too


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