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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

"How do you fancy writing a very brief little weekly thing?" asked Queen of the Blog Glenda all those months ago.  "A few lines about some of the fun stuff that happens in the show."

"Sounds simple enough," I replied.  "Just as long as there isn't an incredibly depressing week full of suicide, misery and trauma!"

"Oh, that'll never happen!" said Glenda, and we laughed.


Sinead doesn't know the difference between coleslaw and a cold sore.  I'd like to say I'm surprised, but... no.  Just don't send her to the salad bar on her own.

Know your worth.  Kirk generously dropped his price for walking Eccles from a fiver to three quid, even though Ken was perfectly happy with the higher charge.  As he should be; five pounds an hour isn't even minimum wage.  There's a fair few dogs in the show at the moment - Eccles, Rover, David the Yorkshire Terrier - and Kirk could be making a killing if he wasn't so kind hearted.  You'll never make it as an entrepreneur unless you gouge your customers, and more to the point, Beth'll tear your throat out when she discovers her Tenerife money box isn't filling up as fast as she'd like.

Shona is the best.  She's always been ace, but this week Shona went to another level, providing unflinching support to Eva and David and tearing into slimy Josh.  She's the kind of friend/partner we all need, and Julia Goulding not only plays her brilliantly but also has screen charisma shining out of every pore.  The only downside of her reconciliation with David is we'll lose Emma, whose non-sequiturs and general chirpiness have been a joy.  I'm not sure why she's stuck with David, given that he treats her terribly and they've only had sex once, but since it meant she hung around calling Friends "a really old show" and wearing court shoes because she's going to court I'm glad she did.

Musical appreciation is genetic.  Daniel had a chat with Ken about classical music, with the two of them appreciating a fine piece of opera.  Where do you think he picked up a love for the great composers?  I can't see Denise as the kind of woman who chucks on some Puccini of a Sunday afternoon; she strikes me as more of an 80s Europop girl, bouncing round the house to pounding BPMs and belting out The Only Way Is Up while she cooks the tea.  Perhaps it was a passion that developed after she'd gone when, alone in the house, huddled over his baked beans, Daniel would slip on Madame Butterfly and mime along.  He's developed into such a mini-me of Ken I'm starting to wonder if he's actually a clone.  If he starts grimacing and running his hand through his hair in times of stress we should report him to the authorities as a crime against nature.

Jonathan Harvey should write everything on television, forever.  "Forty-odd years I've lived on this Street.  That same view, every day.  Practically know every cobble back to front.  I like to think we look out for each other round here.  And without being nosy, know what's going on in each other's lives.  But you don't, do you?  Not that I knew him that well - just to say hello to really.  But he was always polite with me, which is more than you can say for some folk.  I hope I'd have listened, if he ever wanted to speak to me - not that he would've done.  I wonder when he did it?  When I was reading the kids a bedtime story?  When I was getting ready for bed?  When I was having some toast this morning?  Or was I sleeping, safe, in here with the double glazing and the central heating, thinking our problems are bigger than everybody else's.  Well happen we've all been sleeping mam.  I keep thinking about poor Johnny.  His son's not coming home tonight.  I just hope to God mine is."

@merseytart would like next week's episodes to contain a lot of amusing outfits, bitchy dialogue and unbelievable plot twists so that this blog post isn't quite so hard to write.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I sadly learned this week is that Toyah is her mother's daughter.
To lie to a grieving Johnny about Aidan's last night on the Street without a twinge of guilt or remorse and keeping his granddaughter from him has made Toyah no better than her mother Janice who was a nasty character or dare I say it,a villain like Tracy.

abbyk said...

#5 Indeed he should. And what a brilliant way to honor his work.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the way Toyah's storyline is going but it's a bit much to blame her for Eva being in a position to not want to keep Susie. Aiden cheated on her with Maria both before and after she went to jail and even as Eva was supportive and caring for Liam. When Johnny found out he didn't warn Eva so she found out the hard way and lost it. When you want to be treated well, you don't treat people like dirt or allow them to be.

Anonymous said...

Maricha,Regardless of Aidan's past betrayal,that does not justify Eva and Toyah keeping Susie from Johnny.
Johnny did not approve of his son's affair and tried to dissuade Aidan from seeing Maria to no avail.
Eva already had her revenge when she helped Adam rob the factory so for her to deny Johnny his grandchild is cruel beyond compare.
Toyah is worse lying to a grieving Johnny and Peter who not only doesn't know that his child died due to the surrogate suffering a miscarriage but that his 'daughter'is actually Aidan's!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you're assuming a lot. It's not even been established who the father is,or was, so I can hardly see what consolation it would be to tell Johnny about this baby only to have it turn out to be Adam's after all.

Since there was no marriage, I doubt if Aiden himself could have prevented Eva from giving her baby up since he never showed any serious interest in being a dependable parent or spouse.
Susie's custody has nothing to do with Eva's revenge because she didn't give Susie up out of spite but because she didn't want a baby. After knowing personally what devastation cheating can lead to, I don't think Johnny's rather mild rebukes of Aiden over his behavior were nearly enough. He should have told Eva the truth instead of letting Aiden get to the altar while still lying.

What happens with Susie is Eva's business, not Johnny's and not any other of the the Connors who haven't said boo to her since the breakup. I feel sorry for them over Aiden's suicide but as far as what happens with Susie,assuming Aiden was her father, they're reaping what they've sown if Eva doesn't want a lifelong link to them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[18:53]Eva has said on more than one occasion that Aidan is the father not Adam and that little Susie even resembles Aidan.
Yes Eva did give away Susie out of spite after Peter told her he saw Aidan with Maria[whom he was comforting after Luke's murder] and Eva didn't want Maria near her child even though she was no better faking being pregnant and then helping Adam rob the Connors as revenge instead of confronting Aidan outright about his affair when she found out.
Even if they weren't married,Aidan would still have parental rights to Susie and to deny a grieving man his grandchild,his only link to his son is extremely cruel.
Toyah is also as cruel to replace Peter's dead baby with another man's baby without any remorse or guilt.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Eva assumes the father is Aiden but this is a soap. It might just be possible that the father is Adam. As for father's rights, there are none unless his name is on the birth certificate. The father has to go to court to establish parental responsibility and I assume a DNA test would have to be done. I think the birth certificate might be Toyah's undoing. She will presumably register the parents as the surrogate mother and Peter. Then follows a lot of legal work. It may not get that far if the original surrogate mother drops in for coffee whereupon all is revealed.

Anonymous said...

We're talking about Johnny here, not a particularly caring parent. He knew Carla was his daughter and let her grow up on the wrong side of the tracks with an alcoholic mother and fend for herself until well, a few months ago, really. If Aiden was alive, Johnny would be in Spain right now and he's hardly the sort who'd come back to bounce a grandchild on his knee.

As for deceiving Peter, seriously, I wish Toyah was just adopting on her own but if someone is lying to Peter instead of him being the liar as usual, I'd save my sympathy for a more deserving party.

Anonymous said...

jeanie: Before the baby was born, Eva could have aborted it without anyone's approval. But once she is born, both parents have rights. That's why both parents have to sign off on adoptions and why Calum even (ugh) and his mom had visitation rights to Max. Also the baby has rights--it's not a piece of property to be passed around or gifted to a friend. She has the right to know who her natural parents are and to be raised by one or more of them if they are able. Not to mention she'd have a good claim to the factory as Aidan's daughter. Neither one has mentioned it, but one of the reasons the two women had to keep the pregnancy secret is because (apart from fooling Peter) there are very strict laws around adoption and what they are doing--passing around a living being like a piece of property--is illegal.

As to who would be the best parent--this is a soap, so they are all disastrous lol! But Johnny's track record is still better than Peter's ( walking disaster) or Eva -I can get drunk tonight because I'm aborting the baby tomorrow--Price. Plus, it would be a wonderful second chance for Jenny--she and Johnny would be great parents to the baby!

Anonymous said...

Johnny has a degenerative disease and Jenny was psychologically unstable and seems to still be hanging on by a thread most of the time. If the truth comes out and Eva has to go via an adoption agency to give up Susie no one on the street would be fit in real life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [20;29]If anyone is psychologically unstable it's Toyah not Jenny who has received counselling for her mental issues due to the death of her son.
From the moment she returned to the Street,Toyah's only story line is her obsession to have a baby no matter what.
Her ex husband [whom she cheated on with Peter]even warned Peter that Toyah will stop at nothing to get a baby even replacing the baby she and Peter lost when their surrogate suffered a miscarriage [that Peter is still unaware of]by manipulating an emotionally vulnerable Eva to give away her baby.
Toyah was panicking when she thought Aidan and Eva were getting back together to be a family with Susie and seemed almost 'relieved'when Aidan committed suicide and lied to his grief stricken father Johnny whose granddaughter is a few feet away in the nursery upstairs feeling no remorse or guilt!
Toyah is the one unfit to be a parent not Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Johnny is sick and will be getting sicker, that's why he's retiring no one would give him a child. Jenny wouldn't be any more fit than Toyah to adopt on her own: what do these women do for a living exactly? Toyah was supposedly some sort of counselor but now she's acting as landlady. As she and Peter aren't married and she put up no money to buy the pub if she leaves it will be with the shirt on her back. These are all factors reputable agencies take into account including age.

Corrie is skewing our perspective because not one of those people could set foot in an adoption agency without getting their application tossed out.


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