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Monday, 14 May 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 11 May 2018

Given the nature of the key stories this week I know I shall struggle for some lighter moments and my first choice perhaps lacks great humour - but is intended to remind us of the warmer aspects of the Street as Rita, at the Connors' farewell party, appropriately praises Jenny's strengths and how much she will miss her - except that Rita will stow away in her luggage and will be living next door in Marbella - which brings a laugh for everyone.

And Kirk's doggy doings missed out last week - but he is at it again under selling himself, this time to Ken - round here a dog walk is more like £10, not £3 or even £5.  Someone tell Beth please!

Obviously Wednesday was dominated by the overnight event and the way the news spread around the cobbles but before it reached the Platt household Emma was centre of attention as she proudly announced that she could go to court as she is wearing "court" shoes!  Credit to Jonathan Harvey for this and also for Gail's discourse later in the episode over a montage of scenes as the news rippled outwards to the residents - the factory being told by Alya (comforted by Josh & Yasmeen), Billy telling Summer at her school, Daniel to Adam, Maria with little Liam, Sally returning home to tell Sophie plus Michelle finding Robert waiting for her in Birmingham.

Adversity often brings reconciliation.  And we all knew that Michelle and Carla would make up before long - they just needed a good reason - and these postings exist to celebrate the good in Corrie so I thought I would record the moment, captured just after Michelle tells Carla she loves her and before Carla can respond with "I love you, too".

Given the shortage of material this week I thought I would include this little exchange with 'Chelle asking Carla if she had eaten and threatening to tell Roy when Carla responds that she has and 'Chelle knows otherwise!

However the week was eventually saved by Flora who not only poured cold water all over Adam's plans for a cosy afternoon with a mystery blonde but also accused the luckless lady of stealing her shoes!  Flora later reveals she was a hippy with joss sticks, head bands, tie-dye t-shirt and free love!  I also got the feeling that she was trying to remember watching "Breaking Bad"!  Meanwhile she gets back to knitting a scarf for Harvey's constantly bad throat.

And was it just sexual frustration or annoying uncle syndrome that led to this outburst where he points out that Daniel keeps having huge ideas but sees nothing through to completion!

Edited out this week was the curious behaviour of Kayla who has a "mother" with the exactly same OCD traits as Craig - sorry that is a coincidence too far.  And I was very disappointed in Johnny and his appalling treatment of poor Jenny ... she is trying to help and all he does is push her away.  She loves you Johnny!  And if anyone knows why is it nice to go to Formby? 


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