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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th May

Apologies for the lateness of this review, I was having a bank holiday rendezvous in, erm, North Wales with, um, a bearded older man.

Anyway, instead of calling the police, like any reasonable person would, when he saw Phelan, Gary stalks his nemesis at the caravan park that has the best wifi in Cowny County. His army friend realises Gary's intentions towards Phelan aren't just verbal and bogs off. Gary breaks into the caravan and Phelan gets him by the throat and prepares to finish him off just as the army pal returns to clobber Pat. They bring him back the cobbles and tie him up in the garage, where Sarah finds him.

Meanwhile, Michelle has gin on her wedding day and all the girlies 'round. Johnny says that he can't come to the wedding. Ryan is AWOL, the best man (Jarvis) is hungover. Tracy does her best to make Steve jealous by pretending to fancy both Ryan and Robert, whereas Steve is more concerned about Michelle, convinced she's marrying a wrong 'un. Robert tracks our Ryan down to a young lady's house, whose ex turns up and thumps Robert, believing, thanks to Ryan, that he slept with her.

David says he will try harder with the children, his mum, everyone. Not including Emma, whom he tells has to leave the Platt residence as he's getting back together with Shona, S-H-O-N-A, and it'd be "uber mega awks" if Emma were still there. He suggests that she move in with Billy, which'd be good as Emma is a fun, fresh new character, and it'd be entertaining if she were to stay. Dec, Josh's previous victim, approaches David in the salon, tells him that he just wants to forget about what happened and asks David to tell Shona to stop asking questions. David accepts this, but he later overhears Johnny lamenting the fact that Aidan didn't speak to him about his problems and he decides that he needs to go to the police, and right now, as Josh is moving away.

Tim tells Fay(e) that she has to apologise to Eileen for her campaign of, well, I wouldn't call it terror exactly, more annoyance. I seem to remember Faye falling out with her mum and moving in with Phelan and Eileen, so it's not like she wasn't taken in herself by the Street's best conman. Guilty conscience, much?

And finally, Gemma offers to be Rosie's make-up artist at the shoot to protect Rosie from Antoine the drug dealer. I do hope Rosie likes the colour orange.

Tune in at 9 p.m. for the next episode of Corrie's Red Wedding Week!

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