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Fan Review: The Years She Stole by Jonathan Harvey

On the 2nd of March 2018, I interviewed Coronation Street writer, Jonathan Harvey for the Coronation Street blog!.

With Jonathan Harvey's most recent written episodes covering David Platts rape and Aidan Connors suicide (over 100 previous episodes of Corrie also penned), the award-winning playwright and novelist has returned to the world of fiction with a new novel.

It was with personal excitement and nervousness then that I, a huge Coronation Street fan, got to interview this fabulous writer to discuss his latest novel 'The Years She Stole' (which you can read here), I've also just finished reading the book, so here is my review!.

The Years She Stole (published 8th of March 2018) is a story that delves into family relationships, loss, love, and scandal. Told in a 'dual time frame' narrative, the story spans two decades and ultimately brings two separate stories together into a dramatic conclusion.

In 2017, Rachel Taylor is pregnant and on a working holiday in Morocco. When the travelling executive receives an urgent call from her mums best friend, she needs to hurry home to her childhood village.

In 1978, Shirley Burke is on a family holiday when she first sets her eyes on Doug, a man considerably older than herself and with a young family. Is this just a holiday romance for the teenage temptress?.

Rachel is an intelligent high flier that has a fraught relationship with her mother. Shirley could be seen as a ‘black sheep’ in her working-class family and is the idealistic day-dreamer. Two characters that couldn’t be any different, so what story would bring these two strong females together?.

Jonathan Harvey delves deep into the female psyche to tell a story of love, lust, family ties, and a catastrophic childhood disappearance.  Laced with funny prose, strong characterisations, and a style that would suit most Corrie fans, it's engaging, very funny and an engrossing tale. The book contains two references to Coronation Street and carries a certain northern grit and wit that we Corrie fans so enthusiastically devour. Overall it's a compelling story and one that would suit a TV drama adaptation.

The Years She Stole is available to buy now  
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