Monday, 14 May 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 14th May

"With scenes that some views may find distressing," says the continuity woman before the opening titles. Well, at present, that could preface every single episode.

Everyone is still grieving. Johnny is drinking and having panic attacks, Carla is in denial, throwing herself into work, dealing with calls asking for Aidan, and going over Alya's head with the orders, Summer is hanging out on forums for friends and family of suicide victims, Michelle has a moment of self-awareness and postpones the wedding, and Sophie, wearing the world's worst denim jacket, still feels guilty about not responding to Aidan's final text message. She tells Johnny, and, well, it goes down like a Pb balloon. As Sophie leaves, Johnny verbally attacks Jenny for trying to smooth things over. Can't do anything but praise Richard Hawley's performance, but I'm starting to feel like I'm grieving as well. Corrie is taking a lot out of its audience at the moment.

Michelle finds finds Aidan's previous suicide note that he intercepted from his dad back in February. She takes this to Johnny and Kate reads it: "I'm sorry, so sorry." Johnny realises that donating his kidney to Carla gave Aidan a reason to live and he seems to get some comfort from this. Michelle also finds Aidan's will and, rather than Carla or Johnny, she shows it to Robert - Aidan's left his factory shares to Alya.

Talking of denial, Emma is still living chez Platt and refusing to move out, although she does offer to pay rent. The misery continues with David in the big house (oh, I do hope he bumps into Jim) attacking his cellmate after he shakes him awake. Paul (the cellmate) tells David that he's not going to last long inside. Truth! To be honest, the prison cell looks quite nice. Students'd pay up to £750 a month for that room if it were in walking distance from Weatherfield Uni.

Shona shoehorns a meeting into Handsome (oh, so handsome!) Imran's day to see if extenuating circs can get David out of chokey. He naturally wants to know what this might be, but having promised not to tell, she can't give Imran any more info. Instead, she goes to the prison, without a visitation order, and tries to persuade David to tell his solicitor about the rape. But David is upset that she told Josh that she knows what happened, especially given that Josh says he'll be a witness for the prosecution in David's case. The women of Corrie can do no right tonight!

Some comic relief is provided by the odd trio as Flora nicks Adam's apple (geddit) juice and Adam reacts as you might expect. Although it turns out that Adam is angry because he feels guilty that his feud with Aidan may have contributed to Aidan's death. Maybe Rosie should have laced her gluten-free brownies with marijuana, chill everyone out a bit. It's Flora he confesses this to, who tells him that it can't be his fault.

Daniel invites Sinead 'round to meet his new flatmate, who takes an instant dislike to her. She may have dementia, but Flora seems like a wise woman. At least Sinead didn't attempt to make her a special soap. Where is Sinead living now? Is she stuffed into Maria's flat with Auntie Beth and Kirkeh? All Corrie houses have a secret room for overflowing guests, but five people and a large dog in a two bed flat is illegal over-crowding. Someone should get Mayor Metcalfe onto it.

A very trim looking Tyrone (has he got an exercise DVD out in time for summer?) also brings a bit of humour by buying a Dancing Man for the garage, just like Saul Goodman's. Let's just hope that Ty doesn't end up working in Cinnabon (or Costa Coffee).

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Anonymous said...

Oh gee, "witness intimidation" is going to strike again!

Also, has nobody ever learned on this show that telling someone you've known has done a serious wrong without either a) telling someone else or b) having backup or some other form of protection is NEVER a good idea? I predict that Josh will either try and kill Shona or threaten the Platt kids to make her keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

I would have been quite pleased for Alya re the factory at one time, but now she is such a whinging, bitter, shouty madam I think not.

modtl said...

I also think Sophie's denim jacket was terrible! I'd rather Carla get the factory over Alya but I secretely wish it gets sold back to Danny Baldwin with Bradley Walsh coming back (unlikely as he's now in Doctor Who).

maggie muggins said...

Humourous and well written review, Rachel. I agree, Richard Hawley is definitely carrying the baton for the suicide story. His acting doesn't feel forced or fake in any way. He must be exhausted at the end of each day of this.

My heart sank when we found out about Alya inheriting the faktry. Of course, that was for the original Alya we met before she became a permanent zombie. I actually liked the creative, gung-ho Alya. That will can't possible stand up legally, written before Aidan was full owner. Help, Imran!

Good to see Flora back. Couldn't the set people at Corrie build at least a couple of indoor bedrooms instead of more jail/hospital beds so some of the historical overcrowding jokes could be answered?

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