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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Corrie weekly update - Death, devastation and David

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Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield. 

I’m starting this week with the story that’s dominated not only Coronation Street, but the nation’s media… that of Aidan Connor’s suicide. Johnny had me in tears at the loss of his son and my heart goes out to Jenny who’s reaching out to help only to get batted back as the Connor family drown in their grief. But the story was much more than just about Aidan, prompting David to reveal to Shona that he’d been raped by Josh, another scene that had me in bits.  And then to the other part of this storyline, Gail’s speech as she stood by the window looking out onto the cobbles, her words floating like feathers down from the Salford sky.  Corrie fans have been raving about this bit, saying it’s the best bit of Corrie that they’ve seen in years. I’m afraid I didn’t feel the same. I found the whole scene without subtlety or honesty. But that’s just my opinion, we’re all entitled to our own and I truly feel my enjoyment of this powerful episode was marred because of what I've been through this week because of it. Read on.

As editor of two Coronation Street fan sites, my involvement with this storyline has been uncomfortable to the point where my own mental health has been affected. Fans in distress, with suicidal thoughts, have reached out to me online for help. Me. Can you imagine for one second what that responsibility has done to me? I, too, have gone through mental health problems in the past and it’s a daily battle to keep myself from falling off the wall. I responded to all those who contacted me with words that the Samaritans (after I contacted ITV for help) advised me to give. At one point there were three of us from our blog team keeping watch on our Twitter account as I knew I couldn't handle things alone if another message came through from a fan needing help.  But dealing with this storyline has affected me a great deal – what if I missed a message – what if? - and I have no wish to ever be in a similar position again. 

Elsewhere this week, Eva and Toyah continue with their lies to cover the fact that Aidan held his baby in his arms and then visited Eva on the night he took his life. Ken calls round to see baby Susie, who he thinks is his granddaughter. And then Johnny calls in, he’s a man in turmoil, determined to make sense of his son’s last movements before he killed himself. It’s too much for Eva to take and she runs crying from the room, knowing the truth and unable to tell anyone because if she did, then the whole lie about baby Susie, Toyah and the surrogate and the baby’s real dad will come out. 

Meanwhile, David’s on his way to court for his plea hearing for beating up Gary a few weeks ago. But he does a runner and later gets arrested and banged up for missing is court hearing. He’s put into a cell with another guy while out on the street, Shona’s onto Josh and tells him she knows what he did to David. 

And that’s just about that for this week. A raw, emotional week – off screen - for me because of Coronation Street.  I never want that to happen again.

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And that’s just about that for this week.  

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Eva's baby storyline is so riddled with holes that it's a rotten shame it's linked to Aiden's suicide. I hope the lies unravel soon before it becomes more absurd. in the weeks to come, Leanne should be wondering why the health visitor hasn't come round, and begin to guess something's not right. Assuming it will be Eva's name on the certificate as the birth mother, I'm sure she'll take the baby back when she leaves Weatherfield.

Rapunzel said...

I’m so sorry to hear how traumatic it’s been for you, Glenda. I knew that you’d been finding the storylines tough going, and the recent death of Diane must have been devastating. I consider you to be Corrie Fan Leader Supremo. While I was watching this week’s episodes (which I thought were nothing short of extraordinary, particularly Weds), I thought of you and hoped that you too would be falling squarely back in love with the unique magic that is Corrie. It is truly unfair that, instead, such unreasonable demands were made of you. And it is not something that I would have seen coming either. Well done for reaching out. I hope you yourself are tightly cacooned by lots of love and support.

Anonymous said...

I also hope that the truth about little Susie comes out soon.
I was appalled seeing both Toyah and Eva lie to a grieving Johnny struggling to come to terms with his son's suicide with his granddaughter[unbeknownst to him] a few feet away and Toyah watching Leanne with her 'niece'with no remorse to stealing another man's child.
When the truth comes out,I don't see how Toyah can remain on the Street.

popcorn said...

Sending warm thoughts your way, Glenda.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant episodes this week only marred by some scenes in Friday's episodes. Adam and the random woman, what was that about?
Flora staying with Daniel, did he just kidnap her from the care home and if so why is nobody looking for her?

Joseph said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with that. It's unfair, especially considering what's happened lately. As for me, I've been avoiding Corrie, especially this week and I think that might have been a good decision. Because however well done it was, and I think Shayne Ward has done a fantastic job from what I've seen, I don't need to see a character lose all hope and commit suicide. It's too painful.

And really that's my problem with Corrie at the moment. It is too painful. I started watching when I was a kid at the height of the Richard Hillman storyline about fifteen years ago(!) now and yeah it was a little outrageous but it was an escape. I could come home from school or later on work and catch up on these character's lives, and escape my own for a while. But lately it's felt more like a slap in the face. Yes talking about suicide is important. Or male rape. Or male mental health in general. But it's too much. And I feel like if I watch Corrie now, it's going to be detrimental to my own mental health (ironically enough).


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