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Friday, 18 May 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 18 May

Friday 18th May
ZEEDAN WASHES HIS HANDS OF RANA In a bid to take her mind off Aidan, Kate suggests to Sophie they head into town and get drunk. They invite Rana and Gemma. Rana is doing an interview with a hopeful Zeedan about the new restaurant but when the journalist tries to put a romantic slant on the story Rana finds it too much and leaves. Having clocked Kate and Sophie heading to town, Zeedan follows them, convinced they’re seeing each other. Arriving at the pub Rana’s horrified to see Zeedan taking photos of Kate and Sophie through the window. When he admits he thought they were having an affair and was hoping to present her with the proof how will Rana react? The girls play drinking games. When a group of lads try to join in Kate tells them to do one but the lads become nasty.
LIZ MAKES A DISCOVERY ABOUT ALI When Dr Gaddas lets slip that Ali had to pull strings to secure a placement in Weatherfield, a puzzled Liz wonders why Ali lied. Liz confronts Ali, suggesting that as he clearly wants to build bridges with Michelle then he should get on with it.
ABI DOESN’T IMPRESS TYRONE Kevin and Tyrone interview Abi for the mechanic’s job at the garage. Kevin’s impressed by her while Tyrone’s still smarting after their last run-in.
ELSEWHERE Johnny thanks Liz for letting him kip on the sofa and heads out. Meanwhile Jenny’s in bits after their row. Summer’s ‘Speak & Save’ fundraiser takes place at the cafe. Johnny overcome with emotion. Alya approaches Eileen and demands her deposit back on the builder’s yard flat.

 Friday 18th May
ZEEDAN’S ANGER ERUPTS As Phil and his mates loom over the girls, Sophie triggers her rape alarm and the lads run off. Back on the street, Rana tells Kate that she’s asked Zeedan for a divorce. They Kate kiss passionately in the ginnel. Unbeknown to them an angry Phil has followed them and grabs Kate. As Kate struggles, Zeedan hears Rana scream and runs over punching Phil and knocking him unconscious.
ROBERT’S HEALTH THREATENS HIS FUTURE After pushing himself to the limit at the gym, Robert later suffers chest pains. He quickly covers and Michelle remains oblivious.
EILEEN’S SPOOKED BY THE PAST Steve and Tim lead Eileen into the cab office to reveal a ‘welcome back’ banner and her favourite biscuits. Eileen’s moved. But when she starts receiving silent calls on her mobile Eileen’s left unnerved.
ELSEWHERE Yasmeen enthuses about her evening with Geoff. After listening to Seb explain how hard it is for Abi to find work because of her criminal record, Tyrone softens, reminded of his own mother. They offer Abi the job. After a chat with Eileen Johnny apologises to Jenny for pushing her away. Telling him she loves him, Jenny asks where he spent the night. Will Johnny admit he was with Liz? Adam takes Flora for dinner and can’t help enjoying her company.

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