Friday, 11 May 2018

Underworld shocker when Aidan's will is read

I'm trying to be very careful with revealing spoilers on the blog these days because I know that not all of our readers like them. 

So from now on, when it's a true advance spoiler - as opposed to the preview-spoilers from ITV which go live each Tuesday morning, then I won't put the spoiler in the blog title.  

I will tease you with the spoiler and link to it elsewhere.

And so here we go!

Aidan's will turns up a shock when it's read. The Connor family won't like it, and to be honest, neither do I.  

If you would like to know who Aidan leaves the knicker factory Underworld to, you can read the spoiler in The Sun.

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Anonymous said...

C in Canada:
Wow I thought it would be Carla for sure.

coconno196 said...

Doesn't make sense. Surely after he made up with his family he'd have changed his will before committing suicide? Just another producer's device to create conflict.

C in Canada said...

Thinking more about it, I can see where Aiden was going with this. After the factory/wedding fiasco, Alya was the one who had faith in Aiden to help restart everything back up.

Flo said...

Not sure what to think about that one. Definitely an unexpected plot twist. I think it might make for some interesting episodes though. And why would Carla fight for it in the first place, she gave up her share.

Only thing better would have been if he had left it to Dirk and we finally got to hear him speak!

Anonymous said...

As a way for Toyah's lie to be exposed,I would have like to see Aidan's daughter Susie inherit the factory with Carla running it for her rather than Alya who's so full of herself.

Corn Flake said...

YES Anonymous!! I thought the exact same about leaving the factory to his daughter. It actually pee$ me off as to who Aiden left it to. Did he not think anything of his family?
I believe the writer of this plot, must of been on some mind altering drugs when he/she dreamt it up. I mean, Aiden may as well have left it to Gail for all the sense that this makes.
Leaving it to Eva, would have been a ringer of a choice that made sense. He loved her which makes sense, the ringer... everyone employed with UnderWorld is very angry with Eva! The show would of had a ton of mileage to work off of, and many sprouted storylines from the employees working within the factory *cough* Beth ; )

A mind numbingly sad, but lovely storyline, in my opinion has been ruined. =(

Oh and PS.. Eva is to be written out as well. I wonder if the whole suicide storyline is finished or will it play out like Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliette"?

Anonymous said...

He wasn't sure the baby was his so why would he leave it to her? Carla gave up the factory so why leave it to her since she clearly said she didn't want it. Johnny was planning a new life in Spain so leaving him the factory would have been jeopardizing that. Also, with Johnny's MS who knows how long he would have been able to run things? I don't Alya but she is the one who stood by him and helped him get things running again. She's gotten new clients and worked with the old. The factory girls like her. It may not be a popular choice but I can understand why he made it.

Cobblestone said...

Carla poured a lot of her own money into reviving the factory, but she did so believing it would be staying in the family. If I were her, I’d be cheesed off at having it all go to someone I didn’t much like anyway. I think she’d have a strong case in law, since Aidan’s will will predate her gift of the factory to Aidan.

Anonymous said...


Shells said...

When would he have had a chance to leave it to Susie? He realuzed who she was mere hours before he died and he wasnt exactly in the right frame of mind to call Adam or write a codicil. He prob wrote the will before he was reconciled with his family when he and Alya were raising the capital on their own so he left his share to his business partner at that time.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought this was stupid but the more I think about it, it makes sense. Aiden and Alya were the only ones who kept trying to reopen the factory. Johnny didn't want it in the first place and was taking the insurance money to retire. Carla gave it to him and had acted well rid if it. Alya invested in the factory by getting that special machine and it was stolen along with everything else. (What does Aiden care how she got the money, it's that she believed in the factory like he did that would matter.)
We're conditioned to think of family as heirs but people regularly leave businesses to their partners and though Carla may have given it to him only, that may be how he thought of Alya.
Susie isn't an issue he found out hours before dying that she was quite likely his but she wasn't going to be raised by her mother so, in essence, leaving her the factory would be giving it to Toyah and Peter who he barely knows to waste away to nothing by the time she was of age.
Aiden got the factory back as a gift and he was free to pass that gift along to someone who would appreciate it.

Rapunzel said...

I reckon Carla will sue and Ayla will settle by giving her her share back (but keeping Aidan’s original share). That will force the two of them to work together as partners.

J said...

Alya was the only one to stand by Aiden after Eva and Adam destroyed the factory. She deserves it .

Anonymous said...

One thing that troubles me about Alya inheriting the factory is that she'll probably give Josh a job there[he left the garage after the boxing match] thus turning the factory workers against David once it's revealed he raped David or Alya will lose customers once it comes out her boyfriend is a rapist.
I didn'teven like Josh being with Alya when she spoke to the workers about Aidan's suicide,he doesn't know Aidan and it seem contrived and a bit tasteless to shoehorn him in the scene.

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