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Friday, 18 May 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 16 May, 8.30pm

The aftermath of Aidan's death is still causing people to struggle on the street. I love the fact that the grief feels incredibly raw and real. Johnny, in particular is taking it badly, exploring how an older male really needs to talk, now he is suffering. 

Sinead and Daniel are still dating, lord knows why but they continue to tiptoe through the tulips. Methinks, there may be trouble ahead. 

What do you do if you find a will you are not happy with? Go and meet dodgy Adam Barlow who says: "I'm not sure this is ethical." Hardly stopped him before, has it? 

Shona snoops around at the garage trying to find something on Josh. Meanwhile, Johnny explains to Liz how he is suffocating. He goes over the suicide note and the planning thst must have taken place. He is gutted and you can see why, because you feel as if your eyes have been closed, that you have been self centred. And this will totally help viewers who have gone through/are going through the same thing. Bravo Corrie! 

Yasmeen is asked out amother date and used this to tell Zeedan that It's out with the old and is with the new, as he is still holding a candle for Rana. 

Kate meets Sophie in the Rover's and Soph goes over the contents of the text thst Aidan sent her. They both talk about the fact that they would go back in time and change things of they could. Everyone is desperate for a clue, as suicide leaves you with questions and very few answers. 

Summer focuses on positive steps so that she can try to prevent something like this from happening again. Shona visits Josh's old place of work and smells a rat when the guy who owns the place says he has nothing to say about him. The guy, Dec calls him "fake" and was either raped by him or deceived. Johnny walks in as Jenny praises Summer's plan and gets angry. He really needs help. 

Kate speaks to Sophie and she cannot deal with the fact that there were no deep and meaningful talks, before he died. Old school Corrie scenes take place with Flora and her pals in the Rovers, reminding you of Corrie women from the past. All feels a bit clumsy to me. 

Johnny pours a big drink as Jenny gets home. He lets rip, shouting and smashes a glass. Poor Jenny has put up with enough loss, He needs external help. 

Michelle and Robert talk about the wedding and decide that maybe it should take place after all. Robert's idea and Michelle goes with it. 

Daniel arrives back with Sinead and the cast of Cocoon are in the living room. Flora and co have the heating on full whack and one of them is smoking indoors. Flora is convinced Sinead is out to remove her and tells her she is staying put. 

Jenny opens up to Johnny and explains that whatever loss you experience, it's equally upsetting. She wants to help him and Johnny gets angrier still. He has some more to drink and Jenny then gets angry and so it goes. 

Hoping Johnny gets help, because this will prove to audiences nobody is beyond it. 

Another brilliant episode, and Corrie is still on a role. Thanks to the writers and cast for keeping the momentum going. It feels real. 

By Glenn Meads

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Jan said...

I thought it odd that the Connor women went to Adam Barlow about the will. Adam was the one claiming that Paul and Liam Connor had swindled him when he sold them his shares.

coconno196 said...

I don't think we are meant to remember that....
Johnny's cruelty to Jenny doesn't ring true. I can"t see anyone behaving like that. It's just a device to get him together with Liz, or at least to cause conflict in the marriage. Poor Jenny doesn't deserve such treatment.

SuzInToronno said...

@coconno No, she doesn't deserve it but Johnny's angry at Aidan and Jenny's there for him to lash out at. Aidan isn't. It was very selfish of him to take his own life. Everything from getting to say goodbye to his loved ones and not allowing them the same courtesy to forcing a loved one to find his body after the deed had been done. Johnny's anguish began the moment Aidan's ended.


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