Wednesday, 23 May 2018

My First Corrie Press Day

On Monday 21 May 2018, Coronation Street held their most recent press day to promote Phelan's big week where all episodes will be screened at 9pm, following Britain's Got Talent. I had the very exciting opportunity to go along to this fantastic day with fellow blogger and friend, Emma, to find out more on what is sure to be an unmissable week on the cobbles.

It was a beautiful day in Manchester as I made my way to meet Emma, where we had coffee in the sunshine and gossiped to no end. Arriving at the event room full of the other journalists was a bit surreal for me in the best way possible. As a soap fan, I've been reading their work for a long time so it was kind of crazy to see and meet them in person. As a journalism student, I was in awe of them all as they basically have my dream job.

The day kicked off with a screening of some episodes which were just incredible. A press conference with Connor McIntyre (Phelan) followed, as well as a group photo which ended up on Corrie's official social media. Even seeing myself on their Instagram page made me completely geek out. After all of this, we had some time to consolidate what we'd just seen and get to know the other journalists sat at our table.

I've got a Phelan that Phelan is in this picture somewhere...
As I did my best to remain professional, I almost lost my cool speaking to Sue Cleaver. I mean, that's Eileen bloody Grimshaw! One of my all time Corrie favourites, it was just extraordinary. Everyone else we spoke to were also absolute pleasures to interview, answering each question fruitfully. It was truly fascinating listening to what went into making those episodes.

At the end of the day, Emma and I headed to the bar where we had the most wonderful chat with Connor McIntyre. Having met him once before, he was an absolute delight to talk to, and he is so inspiring, it's fantastic.

To go to this event as a fan is one thing; to listen to the incredible cast members talk about Corrie really was mind-blowing.

To be a part of this event as a journalism student is an entirely different thing. The experience I gained is invaluable. I was able to put existing skills into practice, as well as learn more about what this industry entails. Not only that, but the process of the day confirmed to me that this is most definitely the career path I wish to follow when I complete my degree at University.

I thought I couldn't possibly be more passionate about my subject but this experience has taken my passion to whole new levels. It's wonderful for me personally to have a glimpse of what my future career could look like and love every single second.

Sophie Williams

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Flaming Nora said...

Fantastic, Sophie. Just fantastic.

sophie_jw26 said...

Thank you so much x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and good luck.

abbyk said...

Congratulations, Sophie!

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