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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Corrie Comicals Week Ending 25 May 2018

Looks like I made here after all.  Spent most of the week in not so sunny Yorkshire - huge promises by the weather forecasters were not kept.

I struggled with Monday - two writers, Martin Allen and Mark Wadlow plus David Moor directing and there was a real lack of those warmer moments to bring cheer.  Abi was told to start work on a car which was misfiring - which was similar to the jokes being peddled by Ty, Josh (who is still a mechanic at the garage - how can 4 of them work in such a small space - or perhaps they are using Eileen's front room?) and Kev.  However unless you were watching carefully you might have missed Josh's opinion on Robert's efforts with the punchbag captured above ... after all we all know he is having palpitations!

Knock, Knock says Abi.  "Who's there?"  "Cows go".  "Cows go who?"  "No silly Cows go moo!"  And to add to the entertainment value there is Fiz's face seeing the girls talking to an ex-heroin junkie.  Talking of Fiz:

I know that Manchester enjoys an awful lot of liquid sunshine (like Yorkshire) but I do not quite understand why Fiz is looking so white.  I mean really white.

Wednesday came from the pen of Jonathan Harvey and it was directed by Tony Prescott.

As ever anyone leaving the Street takes all of their belongings and possessions in a couple of the lightest bags you have ever lifted as Zeedan demonstrates carrying them downstairs.  I packed more than that for four nights in Yorkshire (for which you need jumpers, coats and overcoats, hats, and lots of spare dry clothes).  And did the script really say "Furqs" - it sounds awfully rude!

And Abergele in North Wales - there was a strange sighting - a disco light & a beard.

As noted before sound waves can travel in mysterious ways.  Normally two people chatting in the cafe cannot be heard by anyone else at another table.  Here however Eileen is quietly telling Leanne about her stalker and in the background Faye with her new "Winkleman" fringe to the fore is smirking at every little mishap Eileen mentions!  For any Americans reading this that is not "bangs" - it is a fringe.

Friday was written by David Isaac and Ella Greenhill (also directed by Tony Prescott), with once again fancy dress for stag and hen (eventually) party participants, plus a new delivery but a couple of other events caught me.

At least Shona is laughing at David's suggestion that Emma will have to learn to share.  Emma was oddly missing from David's return party and it looks as though she will vanish never to be mentioned again - pity I was looking forward to a real cat fight.  David's mental health problems appear to be receding.

Gemma almost rocked it as Rosie's agent - introducing Rosie as almost straight from Milan and then getting Rosie to do her famous pout!  Rosie has been under used to my mind - but there is an obvious reason which I am not sure all those layers quite obscure!

Well I was going to comment on the ability of restaurants to manage without a chef in the kitchen but my colleague @Merseytart says it so much better elsewhere on the blog.

Hope you have enjoyed this sideways look at the week on the Street.


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