Saturday, 26 May 2018

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 309

On this week's podcast, we share our thoughts on everything Corrie between the 21st and the 25th May in the UK.

There were quite a few big story developents this week  - Nicola had her baby, David was given his verdict in court, Zeedan left Weatherfield, and Phelan's hiding place was finally revealed, but... for some reason, it felt like a bit of a 'meh' set of episodes to us. Let's hope we feel differently about next week's 9 o'clock eps!

After Street Talk, we're joined by John from Corriepedia, who chats about the site's 10 year anniversary and shares some fascinating insights into what goes on behind the scenes of the massive Corrie database. That's followed by some news in the Kabin, including our reactions to a very worthy winner of an NHS Heroes award; then we finish things off with some emails and tweets in our feedback section.

00:06:28 - Street Talk
01:51:08 - Interview: John from Corriepedia
02:22:13 - The Kabin
02:29:30 - Feedback

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