Sunday, 6 May 2018

Corrie Comicals Week Ending 4 May 2018

Maybe it was me but I was quite tickled by the concept of Sally having lawyers on hand to demand £150.  Also why didn't Angie (who appears to have setup her practice in the Barlow solicitors' office) mention that she could recommend a firm of lawyers to Yasmeen?

Before she smashed the door down R'Toyota had the good grace to acknowledge that she was impersonating Jack Nicholson "Hello Honey I'm Home".  Studies elsewhere (@ConversationStr) have shown that about 50% of pregnancies on the Street do not make it.  However of those that do it would be nice to revert to a nice simple hospital delivery - getting locked in lifts and bathrooms is just a little too common to be believed, luckily we were spared the birth in a tree house!

Wednesday largely concerned itself with dinner parties - who has dinner parties on a school night?

As a general pointer however the fake marine biologists were not bad at some stand up as shown here.  They were eventually rumbled by Brian when he recognised them from local amateur dramatics which he has been to see.

Across the Street Yasmeen and Sally were at daggers drawn until Magic Geoff brokered a (probably temporary) peace deal.  However Yasmeen telling Sally that she knew why she was not invited was my stand out moment.

Now Tyrone and Kirk are far from the sharpest knives in the Coronation Street drawer so what can possibly go wrong with the former's advice to the latter to describe his wealthy Chewey owner (Sharon Butterlee) as about 60 and Mrs Butterlee when quizzed by Beth?  Utterly more like 30 if you ask me.  Indeed both episodes on Wednesday were a complete contrast to most events on t'Street at the moment - with only Jenny being upset by the talk of baby Susie causing the slightest black ripple.

Shona found an opportunity to stick it to David on Friday when she had a little dig about Emma!  As we saw earlier in the episode Emma is being played as little bit of an airhead - but David assures Shona all is going well!  Bethany assures Shona that Emma is not right for David.

Rita had a couple of nice sentiments this evening - earlier she regretted that no-one had ever called her "Mum" - although the way she looked after the younger Jenny Bradley and now Gemma she would have been good at it!  However as she completed Jude's Kabin training this comment followed by a hint that it was time for a cup of tea were just right and brought amusement to this viewer.

Hope you are enjoying these slightly sideways look at the warmer aspects of the Street!  And there was no room for Kirk's doggy doings or the Weatherfield County anthem!


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Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the performances from the fake marine biologists ( apart from the schoolboy humour 'crabs' conversation).

coconno196 said...

Must say the Jack Nicholson reference did make me laugh.

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