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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 6 Dec 2017 7.30pm

Welcome to part one of tonight's blog review. Its another Wednesday double of Weatherfield drama.A mid-week meander in the goings on down our favourite street. Its December 6th, any Christmas treats in store?.

Tonight's episodes begin at 3 Coronation Street, as Jude and Angie prepare to go back to South Africa. A perturbed Norris still hasn't made it up with Mary yet never wains in his defensiveness of his wife, as Angie still blames Mary for George's recent illness. With Mary's reputation laying in tatters, Tracy's decision to hide the families passports doesn't bode well. As Angie heads to the florists in search of Mary, a mischievous Tracy almost admits guilt but decides to lock Angie in the florist cupboard instead!. With Jude on the lookout for his wife, will they make their return trip to Africa?. As Mary's reputation remains in tatters, Sean, Bethany, and Jenny are defending the harassed florist, but her husband decides its time to help his grandchild. Hold on though, just what is Norris planning with the fancy dress box?. It seems he's already given a few outfits to Roy and Alex as Coronation Street plays 'Mr. Ben' (ask your mum). Christmas has come early in the cafe!. Great to see our Jenny Bradley (never Connor) dishing out sound advice about bra's and I certainly enjoyed Sean's humorous dissection of testicles (no selfies, no pun intended).

A drop of 'Carry on Corrie' amongst the gloom always cheers me up.

It's a nice juxtaposition.

As news of Gary's death spreads amongst the street, Sarah struggles to compose herself & David is still weighing up his recent discovery from Nicola. With Gary's death almost now deemed as real and confirmed (they found a St Christopher so it must be true!), Anna needs informing of her son's untimely demise.

Things don't look great for Luke either. With his conscience pricked about Andy's disappearance, Tyrone's (totally coincidental) planned trip to Birmingham means Luke may be able to finally track Andy down?. We know Andy is floating in a canal somewhere and as Phelan hands Luke a false address, it isn't long before you can say 'wild goose chase' and Luke returns to the street angry, and out for answers.With a vague threat to 'find Andy' Phelan passively warns the mechanic to 'mind how you go'. With Phelan's recent dalliances with the devil, its worthy advice to take.

Over at Victoria Court, Michelle is still worried about Roberts testicle and his troubled state of mind. A visit from Tracy and a cactus (no cancer cliches) with meals on wheels from Michelle aren't much to cheer up our silver foxed restauranter. With his recent money woes and cards being declined, how will Robert get out of his latest mess?. He cant buy his health, can he rescue the Bistro?. Unsure as to why Zeedan is bothered if he's getting the daal business moving?.

With Faye still showing zero reluctance to see her Mum, it's up to Sarah, Tim, and a prison chaplain, to visit Anna in 'Prisoner Cell Block Weatherfield'.
Anna takes the news how you can imagine she would. Raging reeling and desperately distraught, has Anna got any fight left, with another devastating blow?.

Follow my pal @Glenn_Writes  as he reviews tonight's 8.30pm episode and find out what happens next!

Anyway, I'm off - I've just booked a night in an Airbnb room above a pub in Weatherfield!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wonder will anyone take the time to tell Izzy what's happened to Gary?!
This is getting ridiculous,Sarah,Tim,Faye and now Anna knows[what about Eddie,Gary's father?]but no mention of telling Izzy the mother of Gary's son Jake but yet Nicola is given more consideration because she's Phelan's daughter?!
When will Izzy be told the day of Gary's funeral?!
I'm sorry but I don't like how the storyline has become solely about Sarah and Nicola.

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